Get in touch with yourself – Try Feel Thongs

When you want to get in touch with yourself, you should be focusing on men’s underwear styles that have minimal fabric, sexier designs and lots of comfort. One such style that provides the best of all is mens thong underwear. Loved by women, men too have accepted the style for the sexiness and the comfort the style provides. Recently introduced in the industry, Feel Underwear aims at making your decision to choose the brand a good one for sure.

Feel Thong Black.jpgFeel Thong Black.jpg

The Feel Thongs that this blog talks about and is in the images above is an absolutely comforting pair of looks as well as feel. With the minimal coverage that goes sleeker on the sides and the super low rise fit, you get the opportunity to feel your skin at best. On the other hand, 89% nylon and 11% spandex lets you move around and comforts the manhood to the best.

The solid fashion underwear with the contrast stitching on the edges of the pair makes it look more masculine for sure. The fabric on the waistband widens as it goes in the back and forms a patch that goes between the butt cheeks.

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Experience Freedom with Daniel Alexander Thong

Being there in the men’s underwear industry for quite some time, Daniel Alexander Underwear has grown from the sexy solids to the designer erotic underwear. With the other brands serving mens thong underwear with their own USP, this respective label has a bunch of thongs that make sure you show off a little more without being unsupported towards the male anatomy.

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear

I personally have a liking towards the Daniel Alexander Freedom Thong that opens up to be the best of sex appeal and support in one. The sexy underwear features a sleek pouch that holds up the manhood to the best but is so thin that the sides of your junk are quite visible on the outside. Talking about the looks, 86% polyamide plays an important role. The shine, looks, texture, and durability are there because of polyamide. On the other hand, 14% spandex isn’t quite necessary because the sides are bare, but it helps you move around freely.

With a conventional thong coverage in the back, it is the waistband that keeps a strong grip right there. You like it?? Find out the fancy colors at

How to look dapper in Thongs?

The aspect about men in thongs has always intrigued me to the point that I had to actually get down to the men’s underwear style and see how it actually looks and feels. And, I must say that the results were quite beneficial for me as I understood that the style isn’t as bad as I have read about it.

Dapper Look

Well, if you really want to get the best of your thongs and look dapper in the same, this is the right place for you.

  • Know your style:

    Thongs aren’t enough if you really to get something good out for your personality, you need to understand that there are variants which are meant for you. Whether you choose the conventional thongs or the g-string underwear that is skimpier, the choice is all yours and that’s exactly what makes all the difference.

  • Get the hang of it:

    Just like you get a haircut a few days before the D day in order to not look too weird, that’s exactly the same thing with the apparel style. You should get the hang of it before you actually wear for a specific occasion. Get comfortable with the style and then go on with confidence doing what you love to do.

  • Accessorize well:

    Well, in this case, accessorizing well here means that you pick your outfits in accordance with the thongs. You have a gamut of options when it comes to the choices in outfits that you can wear with the style. Whether you choose the formal trousers and head to the board meeting or gear up in shorts and head to the beach. You can even pick the skin-fit leather pants that you’ve been wanting to wear but haven’t because the bands of boxer brief underwear or even men’s briefs protrude from the inside.

  • Choose the size well:

    If the size isn’t right, you would end up looking so uncomfortable and irritated in the pants. Likewise, if the size is looser than what you wear, the same situation will occur with you adjusting the pouch constantly which can be very irritating below the belt. Choose the size well if you really want to make the most of your personality.

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Raise the banner high with Honcho Thongs

When it comes to thongs for men, there aren’t a lot of men’s underwear brand which has suitable offerings. Specifically talking about the thongs which intend to make a regular brief underwear wearer get accustomed to the sexy underwear style. At Mensuas, there are some names which you can totally depend on and Honcho Underwear is one of them.

HonchoThong Navy.jpg
Honcho Thong Navy.jpg

The Honcho Thong in the new arrival section is what brings forth the subtle and sexy appeal to get you the attention you deserve. With a sophisticated color combination and a comfortable appeal, it is the broad waistband that stands out holding the right position throughout the time. The contrast color combination of the pouch fabric and the piping look quite alluring. The back of the fashion underwear has a thick fabric panel on the top which diminishes between the butt crack.

Made of 89% nylon and 11% spandex, you know that comfort slips in for the warmth and love that a new wearer is looking for. Check it out at

Add some colors to your Below the Belt with Daddy Thong

With the constantly emerging men’s underwear styles, it has actually gotten quite tricky to pick something that appeals you. The collection of men’s thongs is one style that brings forth the hotness and the happening traits in one single style. If you don’t believe me, check out Daddy Underwear that offers the sex appeal and the functional support at once.

Daddy Thong Turquoise/Yellow.jpg

The Daddy Thong that this blog talks about is low rise underwear with the super chic color combination and sex looks. The sheer underwear features a pouch which is not sheer in order to leave something in order to be the temptation. Made with a fabric ratio of 91.55% nylon 8.45% spandex, your comfort, and support of the male anatomy is what the same intends.

With a pouch that shows nothing at all, the rest crafted in the see-through fabric is sleek and sexy. With a broader fabric coverage in the back, the cheeks look rounder and sexier. Overall, it is a chic piece that offers support as well.

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Take the visibility to the new high with Feel Thong

Have you ever felt yourself with the Feel Thongs? The collection of thong underwear by the popular men’s underwear brand has been making men give a reality check to their below the belt issues. The label has been providing affordable solutions to men who are looking for that exotic feeling down there.

Feel Thong Royal Blue.jpg

The Feel Thong that this blog talks about is a not-so-fancy fashion underwear that looks like the supportive types but is absolutely the one which you need to comfort your assets. The amalgamation of 93% viscose and 7% spandex, the men’s enhancing underwear definitely levels up your personality. With a pouch so comfy, the manhood stays right there in the front with the protruded bulge that is visible in tight pants as well. The piping design on the same stands out.

The low rise fit with the signature brand name on the waistband, you get the no-adjustment-fit on the body. Leave your butt cheeks bare with no fabric at all. Check out the color combinations at

Keep the focus where it should be with Cover Male enhancing Thong

Having known how to adjust with thongs with the help of the numerous articles, blogs, and other sources, you should be all set to experience the next stage i.e., the sexy stage in male thongs. Cover Male Underwear has always been that men’s underwear brand which offers something for everyone. Hence, here it is.

Cover Male Thong Underwear

The Cover Male Thong is a perfect pair of pouch enhancing underwear that keeps the focus where it actually should be i.e., on the manhood. With dual strings holding on the pouch and making sure that positioning is perfect, you get to have a comforting feeling below the belt. The low rise fit of the pair gives you an opportunity to wear it with any kind of outfit. The solid color with a contrast-colored logo on the left top, the brand lets the sexiness do the talking.

85.29% nylon and 14.71% spandex, you surely get to have a lot of benefits once you slip into the pair. The sexiness of the bare skin (a lot of bare skin), you get a chance to flaunt yourself to the best.

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