Sporty Meets Sexy in Good Devil Bound For You Thong

What are thongs for? Pleasure or feeling sporty? Most of the people would say that men’s thong underwear is for pleasure and very few would agree to the fact that the respective men’s underwear style can be functional too. Good Devil Bound-For-You Thong is a perfect example of fashion and function.

The sexy cum erotic pouch thong underwear features an extra ordinary structure or you can say an in-between fit of jockstrap underwear and thong. How is that? The thong comes with a uniquely designed double waistband that holds the pouch from all the ends and takes it to the rear. The fabric on the back covers more in comparison to the other brands.

The see through underwear has a sensuous pouch that leaves nothing to the imaginations and puts all on the table for the show. Check out the Bound-For-You thong at


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