Sensationalize Your Partner with Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong

Good Devil recently launched it new arrivals at that is erotic in its fullest, sensational and very sexy. One of the products that I will talks about in this blog is Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong. This male thong underwear has set the new benchmark in the exposure and sexiness category.

About the product Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, the sexy underwear is all about comfort, visibility and breathe-ability. The structure of the style is in the shape of a cylinder that carries your manhood in the best way possible and revealing it partially.

Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong BlackWhat we like? The first thing that I really liked about the product is the basic structure of the thong. A cylindrical shape, thin waistband and thinner back strap that pass the buttocks are some features that are visible from the outside. The feeling on the inside is way sexier than you can imagine. Hence, if you want to feel the same, you have to try it.  Secondly, the colors available in the style are limited to the Good Devil classics i.e., red, black and royal blue. I love the fact that the brand knows where the attention has to bring by keeping everything else basic. Hence, here Good Devil seeks your attention at the pouch that is partially visible and the rest is hidden under the small patch of solid fabric.

Thirdly, the sizes available in the respective product go all the way from small, medium, large and extra large. It makes it perfect for all the manhood sizes you guys have.

It is a perfect pair that you can wear for your romantic date that is long due because it will surely bring a teasing smile on your face while a pleasant surprise on hers. I didn’t feel anything odd about the thong though, you can surely leave us a comment in the section below if you found some difficulty with the respective pair. Check it out at


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