Reasons to Wear Men’s Thongs

It is that time of the year when we get set to welcome summer and bid farewell to the cold months. Hence, it is that time when we say goodbye to the warm men’s underwear styles, stock the breathable and airy pairs in order to keep the manhood cool, and comfortable. However, most of the men find and stick with their conventional styles their entire life because they are scared to experiment. But every type of underwear has it’s time and it’s place, including men’s thong underwear.

Intymen Sport Thong White

This blog talks about the reasons why men should incorporate thongs in their wardrobe.

1. Smoother fit: The other day when I stepped out of my house wearing tight denims and a pair of men’s brief underwear, I felt something was not right. I came back and grabbed my thongs that made my denims fit better and gave a smoother appeal to the entire look.

2. Summer Days: Whether its summer days or summer nights, thongs are my best friend when it comes to getting the most breathable and comfortable pairs because they’re small in structure with the barely-there fabric coverage. They work like personal air conditioners for the manhood.

3. Make you feel hot: One of my friends who wear thongs always mentions that his selection of thongs makes him look unconventionally hot and sexy. Though, I agree with the fact they do that, but I don’t exaggerate like him.

4. Barely there apparel style: I have seen a lot of men have started wearing shorts during the summer months. Out of the many, there are some who take the word shorts literally and their shorts become extremely short. Confusing right? If you wear boxer brief underwear, they’d be visible in the short shorts, but thongs won’t be visible.

These were some of the reason that I believe make thongs a perfect partner for your hot summer days. Check out the manly and functional thongs by Intymen at


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