Show More than the Ordinary with Cover Male Skimpy Thong

Did you just check out the inventory at I was just going through the new arrivals by the various brands and found the products to be appealing and very fresh. Do you guys sometimes feel that men’s underwear can stand out to be really extreme? Like, some pieces are sophisticated and subtle to the core; while others are way beyond ones’ imaginations. Cover Male Skimpy Thong is one of the sexiest and a perfect balance of both the extremes.

Cover Male Skimpy thong White

Made with 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex, this mens thong is skimpy and very sensuous. Intentionally made to show some extra flesh, the pair features extremely high cuts (Brazilian cuts) on the sides as well as the uniquely crafted pouch cover just what is needed to be covered and leaves the sides for the show.

The cylindrical shaped pouch is designed to enhance the visibility of the manhood to a position where it is easily visible even in the pants. Though it looks thin and small, but the center seam makes sure that the space and roominess is not compromised with when it comes to the comfort of the package.

The luscious and shimmery texture is provided by the fabric composition that allows the sides to breathe (because there’s no fabric) and makes sure that the wearer feels dry down there with no sweat and moisture to give an uneasy feeling. You might not find any visible waistband because the elasticized fabric is sewn to be the same without hampering the support or the grip down there. The fabric on the rear back is bigger, but trims down as it passes through the buttocks, leaving them bare.

Available in five vibrant colors like black, white, royal blue, navy and red; you can choose something that matches your taste buds and occasion for wearing them.

Check out Be-Brief for more such products that will not only delight your eyes, but will also pamper your manhood.


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