Feel Sporty With Intymen Sport Thong

The product that I picked up today your know-how is a classic men’s underwear designed by Intymen. The brand itself is very popular for the classic support and functionality, mens sports thong is what brings glamour as well as functionality to the manhood.

Intymen  Sport Thong Navy

The Sport Thong by Intymen is a perfect match for the guys who seek something more than the ordinary from their intimate wear. Made from the 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric, the pair is known for its durability and strength, and is exceptionally lightweight and soft. Picking up the conventional men’s underwear style, the respective product has a traditional construction with a broader rear strap.

Besides from being the ultimate sporty piece by looks, the pair is a perfect companion if you want to wear them to the gym or for the regular jogging in the park. The construction of the product includes mesh sides with a solid pouch. The sides allow the air to pass through whereas; the pouch does what it actually should- it holds the manhood in a proper way without allowing a lot of movement.

This pair of skivvies is actually very comfortable. The unmatched combination of both fashion and function, I never thought that thongs can be so supportive as well. Without compromising the fit and feel, every feature of the pair is made to do its part very well. With no visible waistband, apparel sits super low on the body. The piping that takes the place of the waistband is soft, as is the tag. This underwear would sit beneath even the lowest cut jeans, so if you’re looking to be covered up, this isn’t the underwear for you.

The question that is supposed to be asked here is who can wear it and when can they wear it? Men who seek exposure with comfort and undying support are the ones who should definitely wear the pair once for all the good reasons. Coming to second part of the question, they can wear it to work (everyday), to gym (for workouts), special occasions (romantic evenings, date nights, official parties and more) an whenever they feel like pampering their manhood.

Available in colors including black, white, navy, turquoise and red, you can choose the one that matches your personality. Available at intymen.com, you can buy these at affordable prices.


Sensuous Men’s Thongs- Some Favorite Brands

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that with numerous styles of men’s underwear comes a plethora of brands. After all, it is the age of competition where every name in the industry fights for the first position and be loved by its wearers. However, we all know that having two spots on the first position is not possible and hence, there are always 2nd, 3rd and so on, in accordance to their style offerings as well as their target audience.

I bring forth the best brand names which design the best men’s thong underwear. You can look up to for fulfilling all your needs with something so minimal and sexy.

Good Devil: Popular for the sex appeal, sexiness, and the see-through capabilities, Good Devil stands tall among all the other brands for its bestseller assortment of thongs. Know more about sheer underwear here. The range of thongs by the brand is delicate, skimpy and erotic. They are meant for guys who seek playfulness and a naughty factor in their apparel.

Good Devil Lace Thong White

Candyman: Known for the naughty and bedroom-inspired men’s costume underwear, Candyman has always been a fun fashion brand that looks forward to accessorizing the manhood with something unique. The collection of thongs by the label is erotic, naughty and very supportive.

CandyMan Thong Red

Cover Male: Cover Male offers a large variety of men’s thongs that are skimpy and exotic at the same time. Known for the colors and smooth appeal of the enhancing underwear styles, Cover Male is for guys who like it less. Thongs vary in terms of coverage on the rear and style of contoured pouch on the front. The fabrics used are of high quality and incorporated keeping the skin needs of varied individuals.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Royal Blue

Joe Snyder: The Joe Snyder range of men’s thong feature styles to fit and complement the lifestyle of the modern male. Thongs crafted by the brand create a sleek look and support your package. Known for the colors, contouring pouch and the supportive feeling down there. The label is great when it comes to getting something with sexiness as well as the functionality.

Joe Snyder Thong Camo

With these favorite brands available at be-brief.com, your options go from few to many. Well, these are my favorite brands at the men’s underwear store. Which are yours? Do let me know in the comments below.

Some Exotic New Arrival Thongs That You Must Surely Try

It is that time of the year when the popular men’s underwear stores put forward their collection of new arrivals of men’s underwear and swimwear for the male population. Well, that’s exactly what Skiviez recently did and I am glad that I noticed. Without beating around the bush and talking about all the generic styles, I will be keeping forward the best men’s thong underwear available in the new arrival’s category.

1. Daniel Alexander Skimpy Thong: When this product came my way the earlier day, I was quite normal because nothing looked very different on the outside. However, when I took it out of the covering to try it on, it made me feel more than just delighted. The pouch carries a ring that holds the manhood at a better position. Keeping the looks the Daniel Alexander way, you must look within to find the actual surprise.

Daniel Alexander Skimpy Thong White

2. Cover Male Wish Slip Thong: A perfect amalgamation of sheer and solid, the Wish Slip thong by Cover Male is teasing and high on revealing. The unique front features, see through panel from one side to another that allows the partner to see what you’re holding inside. The solid rear and lower pouch hold the manhood well and at the comfort. Know more about sheer underwear here.

Cover Male Wish Slip Thong Red

3. Good Devil Intense Slip Thong: Well, I don’t know how intense this designer underwear can be, but it surely is quick and naughty. The snap button in the pouch gives you all the liberty to open it and do whatever you were supposed to do. A lot of fabric on the sides (in comparison to the other products by Good Devil), the rear is conventionally bare.

Good Devil Intense Slip Thong Royal Blue

4. Miami Jock Dominant Character Slip Thong: One of the most adventurous pieces in the catalog, the Dominant Character Slip thong by Miami Jock is erotic, sexy and very adventurous. With the signature snap button pouch of Miami Jock , the extraordinary pouch that joins right in the center (with the snap button) and can easily open it whenever you want.

Miami Jock Dominant Character Slip Thong Black

5. Candyman Lace Lingerie Thong: If you know what Candyman deigns, you’d know to what extent the brand can go to in order to get what men secretly want. The Lace Lingerie thong by the label features a garter belt that keeps a naughty hold on the legs while you perform a strip dance for your partner. Highly sexy and playful, it is a must have.

CandyMan Lace Lingerie Thong Black

Did you just notice that majority of the pieces are Slip Thongs? Well, I too did notice. However, all the pieces very are unique and made to provoke the hidden desires. So, which one do you think you’d be wearing the next time when you’ll need something extra? Do let us know in the comments below.

Add Sensation to Your Underclothing with Cover Male Curious Slip Thong

Cover Male Curious Slip Thong Black

Are you all set for the summer vacation? Well, whatever be your plans and however you plan to execute them, the pair of Cover Male Curious Slip Thong would be your best companion for the romantic nights with your partner. Just like the model in the image, you can relax, lay back and enjoy the scenic beauty while flaunting your skin appropriately with this men’s underwear.

Covering just what needs to be covered in the front, the rear has a unique but an appealing coverage option. Made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, you’re sure to feel the comfort, moisture wicking, durability and breathe-ability down there.

Cover Male CM167 Curious Slip Thong Black

Coming down to the construction of the respective pouch thong underwear, it features a cylindrical pouch that keeps everything in one place, leaving the sides of the privates for the show. I guess you’ll need to clean the bikini area properly for an appealing look. On the other hand, the rear is a delectable amalgamation of thong and bikini underwear for men. Quite unusual for a thong to carry such large fabric in the rear, this piece is surely a revolution.

Sides with no fabric at all, the broad waistband keeps everything together and well supported. The shiny texture of the pair gives a modern and trendy look to the overall pair. Looking for more, check out be-brief.com and know more about it.

When Can You Wear Intymen Thongs?

Have you ever worn any men’s underwear style by Intymen? Well, if you haven’t because you don’t know the brand very well, it is high time you know it and start to put your trust in the same. This blog will bring you a step closer to the label and its fashionably sexy and supportive thongs.

Intymen Sport Thong Navy

Long description of the thongs by Intymen? Well, the products available at the brand store are much more than just comfortable pairs for the male anatomy.

Let us now look at the times when you wear Intymen thongs. Special occasions? They are more than that just for the pleasure purposes.

1. To work: Oh yes! Unlike many brands, thongs by the sporty label can be worn every day to work. Whether you are in a field job or the desk job, these thongs provide more coverage and support to the manhood. Hence, wear your stylish secret to your workplace.

2. To gym: Isn’t it getting better? I was reading a write up where it was mentioned that these special creations should not be worn for workouts because of the tiny fabric that can cause chafing. However, I have been wearing these for my regular jog for a while now and have never faced this problem. The probable reason behind it is that the pair has a broader coverage and fine fabric to avoid chafing. Just like jockstraps by Intymen, thongs are quite supportive and enhancing. Know more about athletic apparel here.

3. To date nights: You saw this coming, right? With all the sporty features available in the assortment, you must think that these pairs are not flimsy and cannot be worn to the date nights and romantic evenings. It is completely wrong because the line of thongs by the brand is masculine, supportive and is equally sexy as well as sensuous.

Made with cotton/spandex and nylon/spandex combinations, these pairs are exceptionally breathable, comfortable, sweat-absorbing and durable (if taken care of). Do you have any idea where these thongs should be worn at? Do let us know in the comments below.