When Can You Wear Intymen Thongs?

Have you ever worn any men’s underwear style by Intymen? Well, if you haven’t because you don’t know the brand very well, it is high time you know it and start to put your trust in the same. This blog will bring you a step closer to the label and its fashionably sexy and supportive thongs.

Intymen Sport Thong Navy

Long description of the thongs by Intymen? Well, the products available at the brand store are much more than just comfortable pairs for the male anatomy.

Let us now look at the times when you wear Intymen thongs. Special occasions? They are more than that just for the pleasure purposes.

1. To work: Oh yes! Unlike many brands, thongs by the sporty label can be worn every day to work. Whether you are in a field job or the desk job, these thongs provide more coverage and support to the manhood. Hence, wear your stylish secret to your workplace.

2. To gym: Isn’t it getting better? I was reading a write up where it was mentioned that these special creations should not be worn for workouts because of the tiny fabric that can cause chafing. However, I have been wearing these for my regular jog for a while now and have never faced this problem. The probable reason behind it is that the pair has a broader coverage and fine fabric to avoid chafing. Just like jockstraps by Intymen, thongs are quite supportive and enhancing. Know more about athletic apparel here.

3. To date nights: You saw this coming, right? With all the sporty features available in the assortment, you must think that these pairs are not flimsy and cannot be worn to the date nights and romantic evenings. It is completely wrong because the line of thongs by the brand is masculine, supportive and is equally sexy as well as sensuous.

Made with cotton/spandex and nylon/spandex combinations, these pairs are exceptionally breathable, comfortable, sweat-absorbing and durable (if taken care of). Do you have any idea where these thongs should be worn at? Do let us know in the comments below.


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