Some Exotic New Arrival Thongs That You Must Surely Try

It is that time of the year when the popular men’s underwear stores put forward their collection of new arrivals of men’s underwear and swimwear for the male population. Well, that’s exactly what Skiviez recently did and I am glad that I noticed. Without beating around the bush and talking about all the generic styles, I will be keeping forward the best men’s thong underwear available in the new arrival’s category.

1. Daniel Alexander Skimpy Thong: When this product came my way the earlier day, I was quite normal because nothing looked very different on the outside. However, when I took it out of the covering to try it on, it made me feel more than just delighted. The pouch carries a ring that holds the manhood at a better position. Keeping the looks the Daniel Alexander way, you must look within to find the actual surprise.

Daniel Alexander Skimpy Thong White

2. Cover Male Wish Slip Thong: A perfect amalgamation of sheer and solid, the Wish Slip thong by Cover Male is teasing and high on revealing. The unique front features, see through panel from one side to another that allows the partner to see what you’re holding inside. The solid rear and lower pouch hold the manhood well and at the comfort. Know more about sheer underwear here.

Cover Male Wish Slip Thong Red

3. Good Devil Intense Slip Thong: Well, I don’t know how intense this designer underwear can be, but it surely is quick and naughty. The snap button in the pouch gives you all the liberty to open it and do whatever you were supposed to do. A lot of fabric on the sides (in comparison to the other products by Good Devil), the rear is conventionally bare.

Good Devil Intense Slip Thong Royal Blue

4. Miami Jock Dominant Character Slip Thong: One of the most adventurous pieces in the catalog, the Dominant Character Slip thong by Miami Jock is erotic, sexy and very adventurous. With the signature snap button pouch of Miami Jock , the extraordinary pouch that joins right in the center (with the snap button) and can easily open it whenever you want.

Miami Jock Dominant Character Slip Thong Black

5. Candyman Lace Lingerie Thong: If you know what Candyman deigns, you’d know to what extent the brand can go to in order to get what men secretly want. The Lace Lingerie thong by the label features a garter belt that keeps a naughty hold on the legs while you perform a strip dance for your partner. Highly sexy and playful, it is a must have.

CandyMan Lace Lingerie Thong Black

Did you just notice that majority of the pieces are Slip Thongs? Well, I too did notice. However, all the pieces very are unique and made to provoke the hidden desires. So, which one do you think you’d be wearing the next time when you’ll need something extra? Do let us know in the comments below.


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