Sensuous Men’s Thongs- Some Favorite Brands

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that with numerous styles of men’s underwear comes a plethora of brands. After all, it is the age of competition where every name in the industry fights for the first position and be loved by its wearers. However, we all know that having two spots on the first position is not possible and hence, there are always 2nd, 3rd and so on, in accordance to their style offerings as well as their target audience.

I bring forth the best brand names which design the best men’s thong underwear. You can look up to for fulfilling all your needs with something so minimal and sexy.

Good Devil: Popular for the sex appeal, sexiness, and the see-through capabilities, Good Devil stands tall among all the other brands for its bestseller assortment of thongs. Know more about sheer underwear here. The range of thongs by the brand is delicate, skimpy and erotic. They are meant for guys who seek playfulness and a naughty factor in their apparel.

Good Devil Lace Thong White

Candyman: Known for the naughty and bedroom-inspired men’s costume underwear, Candyman has always been a fun fashion brand that looks forward to accessorizing the manhood with something unique. The collection of thongs by the label is erotic, naughty and very supportive.

CandyMan Thong Red

Cover Male: Cover Male offers a large variety of men’s thongs that are skimpy and exotic at the same time. Known for the colors and smooth appeal of the enhancing underwear styles, Cover Male is for guys who like it less. Thongs vary in terms of coverage on the rear and style of contoured pouch on the front. The fabrics used are of high quality and incorporated keeping the skin needs of varied individuals.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Royal Blue

Joe Snyder: The Joe Snyder range of men’s thong feature styles to fit and complement the lifestyle of the modern male. Thongs crafted by the brand create a sleek look and support your package. Known for the colors, contouring pouch and the supportive feeling down there. The label is great when it comes to getting something with sexiness as well as the functionality.

Joe Snyder Thong Camo

With these favorite brands available at, your options go from few to many. Well, these are my favorite brands at the men’s underwear store. Which are yours? Do let me know in the comments below.


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