Feel Sporty With Intymen Sport Thong

The product that I picked up today your know-how is a classic men’s underwear designed by Intymen. The brand itself is very popular for the classic support and functionality, mens sports thong is what brings glamour as well as functionality to the manhood.

Intymen  Sport Thong Navy

The Sport Thong by Intymen is a perfect match for the guys who seek something more than the ordinary from their intimate wear. Made from the 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric, the pair is known for its durability and strength, and is exceptionally lightweight and soft. Picking up the conventional men’s underwear style, the respective product has a traditional construction with a broader rear strap.

Besides from being the ultimate sporty piece by looks, the pair is a perfect companion if you want to wear them to the gym or for the regular jogging in the park. The construction of the product includes mesh sides with a solid pouch. The sides allow the air to pass through whereas; the pouch does what it actually should- it holds the manhood in a proper way without allowing a lot of movement.

This pair of skivvies is actually very comfortable. The unmatched combination of both fashion and function, I never thought that thongs can be so supportive as well. Without compromising the fit and feel, every feature of the pair is made to do its part very well. With no visible waistband, apparel sits super low on the body. The piping that takes the place of the waistband is soft, as is the tag. This underwear would sit beneath even the lowest cut jeans, so if you’re looking to be covered up, this isn’t the underwear for you.

The question that is supposed to be asked here is who can wear it and when can they wear it? Men who seek exposure with comfort and undying support are the ones who should definitely wear the pair once for all the good reasons. Coming to second part of the question, they can wear it to work (everyday), to gym (for workouts), special occasions (romantic evenings, date nights, official parties and more) an whenever they feel like pampering their manhood.

Available in colors including black, white, navy, turquoise and red, you can choose the one that matches your personality. Available at intymen.com, you can buy these at affordable prices.


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