Caress Your Package With Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Purple

Well, the conventionally sexy men’s thong underwear is not only about revealing the skin or providing pleasure to your partner’s eyes; it can be very well used for pampering and caressing your own self, just like the model in the image did it. Sporting the sexy cum sporty Emotion Slip Thong by the “oh so soft” men’s underwear brand Daniel Alexander.

Caressing oneself is an art and the popular brand does it very well by using luxurious fabrics such as 85% nylon and 15% spandex and modern cuts. The fabric composition allows you to stretch a lot (probably more than you require) and makes it perfect for workouts. Nylon makes sure you stay sweat-free and dry even in the hot weather conditions.

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Purple

The conventionally modern construction hides everything in the front, while the rear also shows less than the other pieces available at be-brief,  making it look more like a cheeky pair where the butts are covered yet displayed for the show. With no visible waistband, the grip on the waistline is soft and rides low as well.

Purple looks extraordinary and is made for your times when you feel low in spirit. You can find more colors as well as other thong underwear for men by Daniel Alexander at the men’s underwear store.


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