Glamorize Your Manhood With Agacio Harmony Slip Thong

Agacio Harmony Slip Thong Navy/Grey

One of the new entrant in the collection of men’s underwear by the classic and conventional label Agacio is the Harmony Slip Thong. The sexy, sophisticated and satisfying men’s thong underwear speaks volumes about the level of comfort and style it adds to the underneath fashion.

The first thing that makes you want more of it is the part mesh part solid design on the pouch that lets you breathe well down there and the solid enhances the visual appeal of the product. If you notice, the pouch is comparatively bigger than you’ll find in other brands because the men’s thong store knows the worth of the male anatomy and its comfort. The thick piping on the edge lets the apparel style hold the manhood at an elevated position without making it look like its sagging.

The broad waistband with the logo is the trust that the brand store passes in all its pieces whether it is thong or bikini or even briefs underwear. Nylon/Spandex combination is not what’s commonly found in the initial products, but due to the popularity of the fabric composition, Agacio incorporated it in the inventory.

Pleased? Do check out the colors available at


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