Enhance Your Personality With Intymen Fill It Thong

Intymen INT7300 Fill It Thong Black

Who doesn’t want a perfect visually appealing bulge in the pants these days? Well, it is like asking who wants to look good these days. A pleasing personality in not a luxury anymore but has become a necessity for the modern males in today’s time. Hence, that’s exactly what Intymen, a popular men’s underwear brand does for the guys. The model is wearing a Intymen Fill It Thong Black by the label which is a classic and functional piece for the male anatomy.

The men’s thong underwear features a unique pouch design with a built-in C-ring that pulls your manhood up and puts it forward for a protruded profile and a significantly bigger bulge. The ring is attached to the underwear for a hassle free experience. The sides are open for more freedom and easy access. The pouch has a thick outline piping for the easy movement of the crotch.

Intymen Fill It Thong Black

What more can you ask for when you’re getting all the sex appeal, comfort, and functionality in one pair? Well, the fabric composition is the icing on the cake that makes the entire day a luxurious feeling with these. 95% cotton and 5% spandex is what gets you a step closer to the enhancing underwear.

Intymen Fill It Thong Black

If you want to know more, check out intymen.com.


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