Feel Good And Show Your Attitude With The Cover Male Thong

When you are wearing something so sexy and unique down there, then, the attitude is bound to reflect on your face. The model in the image is a perfect example of the saying, “when you feel good, you look good”. The Cover Male Curious Slip Thong can give that feel good factor that makes you look as good as the person in the picture.

Cover Male Curious Slip Thong Royal Blue

The thong underwear are for those who loves to have the touch sensuality. This mens underwear provides you with the minimum required coverage in the front and back, keeping the side exposed. Adding to the good looks, is the contrasting waistband with the signature label of the brand.

The slip thong of Cover Male offers both style and functionality. The pouch hold the manhood and keeps it in place. The fabric consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. Not only this, the online store of Mensuas, offer this underwear in all the varied sizes. You can easily get the perfect one.

The partly covered thongs are the best way to flaunt your style and tease your partner. The combination of black and blue, adds to the masculinity. The thong of Cover Male is best when you want the sassy and sensual look, but don’t want to settle for the revealing styles of underwear.

Peep into the assortment of mensuas.com and get the perfect thong now.


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