Get A Blend of Looks And Comfort With Otzi Thongs

For all those who wants to try something as sexy as a thong but can’t withstand the revealing designs of mens underwear, Otzi have came with a very trendy alternative. The Otzi thongs adds to the sensuality of thongs without reducing the length of the underwear. The thong of the brand offers a better rare coverage with a broader back. However, the little more coverage does not effect the looks of the underwear, it continues to remain as sexy as any other thong.

The vibrant colors and unique patterns of the thongs makes it a must have for every man. Not only this, the pouch is designed perfectly to enhance your package. The ultra soft fabric includes 86% polyester and 14% spandex, that ensure complete comfort.

If you just saw the video posted above, then, you would have seen the assortment of Otzi underwear that offers. The entire collection is all about style and comfort. There are so many designs and patterns that you will have one for every event.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the site and shop the entire collection.

Otzi Thong Print

The waistband of the underwear, popping out of your denims, that features the signature logo of the brand, can help you make a style statement. The revealing butt cheeks offer the right amount of sensuality to your looks.

So, don’t be shy of trying something sexy. Check out the collection of Otzi thongs at and add some subtle glamour to your look.


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