Beautify the Feeling of Sexiness With PPU Palmetto Thong

Feeling sexy is an altogether different feeling that comes to different people in different ways. Whether you feel sexy in the power packed, fabric loaded briefs underwear or in minimal men’s thong underwear, what matters is the feeling. When it comes to PPU, the popular men’s underwear brand focuses on both the aspects in its different collections. Talking about the product displayed in the image, it is the PPU Palmetto Thong available at Be-Brief.

The Palmetto thong by the label is made of a stretchy microfiber blend of 93% nylon and 7% spandex that keeps everything light and stretchy down there. While the front features a smooth textured fit, the strappy design in the sides and rear make the classic pair a modern and sexy underwear. The pouch covers everything and features a small opening on the top of the shaft which lets you see what you’re holding inside. The rear is all about thin straps that go here and there to keep the pair in one place.

With the network of straps and a functionally exotic pouch in the front, the pair is a must-have for men who love being laid back. Perfect for romantic evenings, you can even wear it for confidence purposes. Check it out at


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