Reasons For Wearing The Men’s Thongs Of Gregg Homes

Thongs are one of the most skimpy men’s underwear styles. Many think that they are only for women. However, Gregg Homes, one of a well-known underwear brand has changed the perception completely. The thongs of the brand are unique and their designs are sexy. While the regular thong users can’t stop praising the style, there are people who still hesitate in wearing the same.

They were a stigma in the society, to some extend, but now they have become acceptable. The blog talk about the features of thongs that brought about these changes in the minds of the people.

Gregg Homme Pump Up Thong White

Here are some of the reasons that will encourage you try the men’s thong of Gregg Homes at least once.

1. Exciting and fun

You can have the best ever steamy experience in these underwear. Wearing this exotic style of underneath clothing can give you a very sensual feeling. The sexier you feel, the sexier you look. The skimpy styles are really exciting and fun to wear. Not only this, when you look good, you get the courage to face the world with lot more confidence.

2. Comfort and support

The opaque microfiber fabric of the thongs of the brand includes polyamide and spandex. The breathable fabric feels very soft against the skin. The pouch of the underwear holds the package perfectly, thus, enhancing the visibility of the front. However, there is minimum coverage at rare. It provides the best ever ventilation to your manhood.

3. Eye candy design

The cut of men’s thongs is very similar to that of the women wear, but the design patterns and sophisticated color combinations add a touch of masculinity. It will surely amaze your partner, keeping things exciting on the date night.

The thongs of the Gregg Homes are specially designed to pamper the manhood of the wearer in style. Visit the online store of that has a collection of men’s underwear of all the well-known designers. Explore the inventory to get your perfect thong.


Harmonize Your Underneath Fashion With Agacio Harmony Slip Thong

If you are an Agacio fan and totally in love with what the brand offers in its men’s underwear assortments, this surely would come as a pleasure for your manhood. The product in the image is the recently introduced men’s thong underwear brought forward by the brand at Mensuas and is called as Agacio Harmony Slip Thong.

After the love the Most Comfortable Basics Thong by Agacio received for its luxurious appeal and supportive construction, this sexy underwear features a partial mesh construction in the front and on top of the pouch to keep the air flowing inside out, while the solid portion holds the manhood at comfort with a smooth texture. The thick piping outline makes sure that everything stays in one with an elevated approach.

The broad elastic waistband with the brand name and the logo send out a sense of trust by strongly holding its place on the waistline. The low waist fit makes it perfect to be worn with any kind of pants or shorts. The rear features a triangular patch of fabric that thins down as it slips into the butt crack. Experimenting with nylon and spandex combination, Agacio knows how the composition would make you feel down there.

Available in a variety of colors, you can bag it from