Make a Wish with Cover Male Thong

Have you ever made a wish that actually came true? Well, we all wish something or the other every single day. Whether it a wish of having love in your life or having a dream job, there is not a person on earth who wouldn’t for anything. For guys who wish to have a pleasing underneath fashion, Cover Male brings forth a collection of men’s thong underwear that not only look visually appealing but are equally worth the money you spend on them.

Covermale Thong Underwear

One of the products that actually fall true to the name is Cover Male Wish Slip Thong. Made of 85.91% nylon and 14.09% spandex, this ultimate combination adds comfort and stretch to your experience to the best of its ability. You might feel that nylon doesn’t breathe very well but the sheer underwear solves that end of the problem too.

If you come down to the construction, you’d find part solid part sheer construction. The lower portion of the sexy piece is crafted with shiny textured solid fabric that extends to be the back of the same. On the other hand, the see-through aspect is what helps you reveal your masculinity to the best. The back has a thick piece of fabric on the top while it thins down the butt crack.

Surely a must-have for someone who’s on the way of finding love in his life, you can check it out and other men’s underwear styles at


Adopt Mesh with Intymen Thong

There has been a lot of news about mesh underwear being the new thing in the men’s underwear industry. The probability of the popularity is because of the see-through features plus the enhanced breathability in the privates. Well, if the mesh is folded into men’s thong underwear, nothing can be better. When we talk about mesh, there is a possibility that Intymen is considered because of its sporty appeal and functional approach towards fashion underwear styles.

The Intymen Sport Thong is one product that I always look up to when there’s a need of pleasing visibility and supportive features. The respective style features a clean construction with mesh fabric all over the apparel style. Intymen generally believes in keeping the style conventional, hence, this piece offers no show in the front with a thick waistband in the back and rear fabric that covers the butt crack.

In this men’s thong underwear you’d also find a thick piping all the pair’s edges to give a chic look plus add to the support of the same. Coming down to the pouch, you’d find that it contours the manhood to keep it front and forward for an enhanced appeal. With a shiny logo on the front, the brand assurance is kept intact.

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Wear your style with Good Devil thong

Good Devil Oriental touch Slip Thong Red/Black

Good Devil has been a pioneer in the men’s sexy underwear industry. The designs of the brand has set a benchmark of sensuality. The Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong underwear shown in the image is one of the pieces that provides exotic look along with maximum coverage in the front. This underneath clothing is for all those men who likes to keep it covered, yet exotic.

The red pouch in the front of the thong underwear can old your male anatomy and enhance the visibility of the package. The material in the side and at the back is black in color that provides a contrasting combination. The underwear is crafted in high quality fabric that includes 89.55% nylon and 10.45% spandex that ensures comfort and flexibility.

With Good Devil you can get sexy at the best ever prices. No matter your style and personality, this thong will add some glitters to your look. Shop from the array of the brand at online store and get full attention of your partner.