Experience Comfort with Agacio Thong

Agacio has always been one of the most dependable, comfortable and supportive men’s underwear. With the aim of bringing a revolution with the level of comfort, the label has been living by its promise to the date. The assortment of men’s thong underwear by Agacio is certainly a proof that the brand is developing for the better of the male anatomy.

Agacio Slip Thong Royal Blue

The Agacio Slip Thong is one of the pair that makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything. The sexy cum subtle underwear features a pouch that looks comforting and is absolutely worth slipping into because of the luxurious appeal as well as comforting features. With a sturdy waistband, that keeps the grip on the waistline, the pouch looks extraordinary. The rear also features a thin patch of fabric that trims down between the butts.

93% viscose and 7% spandex is what makes the experience even better below the belt. The features that the combination provides is ample comfort, breathability and an appropriate amount of stretch to the legs. Find the other colors available at agacio.com.


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