Feel Free with Daniel Alexander Thong

Daniel Alexander Freedom Thong Black

If you are someone who likes to keep it free and airy below the belt, Daniel Alexander men’s underwear is what is apt for you. The label was introduced in the industry with the aim of providing exceptionally comfortable and soft fabric for the male anatomy. In the due course of its existence, Daniel Alexander has provided the best of support, enhancement, comfort and sex appeal to men’s personalities. The collection of men’s thongs being the bestseller, we’ll look at one of the products from the category.

The Daniel Alexander Freedom Thong features an elongated cylindrical pouch that covers the shaft and leaves the sides of the same bare. Designed in a way that it lifts for a protruded bulge in the pants, the exposure on the sides make sure that the privates stay dry for a non-chafing experience. The solid pair also features a thin waistband and conventional thong rear.

The apparel style is made of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex which makes it adaptable to be worn as men’s underwear as well as men’s swimwear. The rear features conventional coverage so that you can get equal tanning when the idea is to spend time soaking so sun at the beach or the poolside.

Find out more colors at wyzman.com.


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