How to Keep your Manhood Happy?

How to Keep your Manhood Happy

You’d find numerous men who are always in a dilemma when it comes to their manhood. They have this ever going problem to keep their masculinity happy. Seeing other guys who are God gifted with a long, masculine and appropriate shaped shaft, they worry about themselves and their performance. Well, the grass is definitely greener on the other side, but there are ways with which you too can feel contended with what you have down there.

How is that possible? 

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog. This blog would talk about ways to keep your assets happy.

Keep the area below the belt clean

Regular cleaning with the right products that maintain the moisture level down there is the what will keep your intimate health in check. Whether the cleaning talks about the cleaning water or shaving the pubic hair, cleaning actually helps you feel a lot better down there. Shaving doesn’t let the messy feeling settle because the area is spotlessly clean down there.

Wear appropriate men’s underwear style

Well, this totally depends on you and your choice of male underwear style. You can try bikini briefs if you are a conventional tighty whitey wearer or male thongs if you like to wear bikinis. This way you can step up your sex appeal with a style that you’ve never tried before. This would also make your manhood feel happy, trust us on this!

Indulge in physical activities

Exercising and indulging in a lot of physical activities will help you not only stay in shape, but it’ll also keep your manhood happy. How? Well, when you exercise, the blood pumps better in the vessels and goes to every corner of the body, to your manhood as well. If you stick to manhood-specific exercises, that’s even better for your masculinity.

Space is also necessary

Staying in multiple layers throughout the day, the assets need some space for itself too. Hence, you can either go commando while sleeping or adopt a pair of boxers that at least cover up your masculinity and let it breathe well for the right reasons.

Did we miss out something? Do let the readers know your suggestions as well in the space below.


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