What I Wish Everyone Knew about Thongs!

Thongs are an imperative men’s underwear that covers your male life structure while leaving you totally free and airy at the back. They take a shift from designs to patterns. This underneath apparel varies for different occasions, which are available exclusively in many online stores. However, what else do you know about thongs? There are some facts that I wish everyone knew about thongs. Read on to find out.

  • I wish people knew that thongs were the predecessors of loincloth

If you look up on various articles on the internet that discuss the provocative and sexy clothing style, you’ll see that thongs are thought to be the forerunner of loincloth. It implies that the particular style is the oldest form of internal wear.

Ancient People in Thong

  • I wish people knew that thongs were originally crafted for men

Though there has always been a debate about the style but the fact is that it was first adopted by men. Later, it was manufactured for women. Gradually, the fashion vanished from the men’s section, by the time it picked up a high popularity among the ladies. After few years, it made a massive comeback with much better designs and cuts for men.

  • I wish people knew that this sensuous the underneath apparel is crafted in terms of comfort as well

Well, with only a little bit of texture in the front and uncovered back, it keeps you cozy down there. This men’s tiny thong underwear comes in supportive fabrics keeps your manhood in the most luxurious way.


  • I wish people knew that this cozy outfit is a replacement for going commando

Thongs are for folks who prefer to stay commando since the fabric is scarcely down there. Once you get used to wearing it, you won’t realize that you are actually wearing something down there.    So, what are you waiting for? Dazzle up the heat this summer with thongs by choosing from the numerous brands available at Erogenos.com.


4 Questions to ask in Men’s Thongs

We all are more about how to buy thong underwear for men and how to adjust with the pair. However, even before buying the respective men’s underwear style, every man must make up his mind to settle down for a fashion underwear style that is sexy, skimpy and fashionable.

Men's Thong Underwear

One of the most complicated or hyped apparel style being thongs, there are a couple of questions one needs to ask oneself before ending up buying the style which is followed by regret.

What are those questions?

Let us take a look at them below.

Are thongs comfortable?

This definitely should be your first question because what comes across as a sultry pair with barely-there fabric, comfort is questionable there. Well, the answer to this question would be- yes, they are comfortable but not in the beginning. Moreover, if you choose the wrong size, they would never be comfortable to you. Hence, one needs both time and patience with the style.

Who benefits from thongs?

Thongs are beneficial for every personality. Whether you are looking for a change in your underneath fashion or want to spice up your love life, want to feel confidence below the belt or have no underwear lines experience, the respective style is the best to make you feel free. If you check out the collection of g-string underwear for men, they too benefit men with the same traits.

What to consider while buying the style?

Considerations are not many but are quite important when it comes to sexy underwear. Starting from the comfort of the male anatomy, fit on the body to how far can you go in terms of exposure, everything needs to be considered. However, size matters most because comfort comes from wearing the right size.

What are side effects of the style?

Riding up fabric in the back is probably the most irritating side effects of the style. Wait, you can avoid the problem by buying the right size or if the right doesn’t call for comfort, choose a size bigger than that.

Is there any other question that you think should be asked to introspect before buying the style. Do let us know in the comments below.

4 Practical Reasons to Buy a Thong Underwear

Men’s underwear industry has developed vastly. In the current trend, it varies in cuts, fabrics, pouch options, designs and much more. The extensive assortment has turned around all the heads out there. One such style is called as the men’s thong underwear which has been a constant favorite option of the majority of men around. However, have you ever thought of buying them?

Listed below are some reasons on why you should consider them. Scan on to find out.

Men's Thong Underwear

  • They are different from the usual pieces

There are conventional styles which are crafted with the regular cuts and designs, and then there are thongs or g-strings which are often referred to as the novelty pieces. These skimpiest undergarment for men are the prerequisites when it comes naughty nights. They accentuate your privates and gives a voluptuous appeal.

  • They exhibit self-expression

The ordinary styles include the vital nature of covering, protecting and supporting the manhood. However, thongs surely have the above-mentioned aspects but then there is an extension to it. They are more of revealing type as they expose your sexiness to your partner in the most appealing way.

  • Sprinkles a pinch of seasoning to your relationship

A sexy lingerie for women habitually teases, tempts, tantalizes the opposite sex. Likewise, thongs for men have the capability to enhance the love life to an extent that you would be making the best memories of your life.

  • They will make you feel the heavenly breath down there

With just a small piece of fabric in the front, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying an extra load below the waistband. These are made with lightweight fabric composition, to give you the feeling of going commando. With such awesome benefits, they make a pavement to your closet. Well, you might be nervous when you wear it for the first time, but eventually, you will fall in love with it. Just be focused on what to wear and also on the right size to keep everything splendid down there.

There are many online stores like Skiviez.com that has a plethora of designs and brands under them. Choose your favorite from the men’s thong underwear brands to feel sensuous down there.

4 Exotic Thong types for Men

Thongs have always men’s favorite pair of women and many of them didn’t even know that the respective styles were typically a men’s underwear style for ages. Though they had no clue of what options they had until a few decades but now the times have changed and men have a wider variety to take a look at and choose the one that matches your personality.

Did you know that there are other types of men’s exotic thong underwear? Well, if you don’t, you must take a look at the options below and stay aware about the same.

  • Conventional thong

Brazilian bikini underwear

Starting from the very own and conventional is the thong underwear. With a pouch that covers and supports (optional), the waistband is thick and elastic with a back coverage that varies from minimal to thicker versions like Brazilian bikini underwear.

  • G-string

men’s g-string underwear

Next in line is the skimpier version of the conventional style that definitely is a lot more sexier. The collection of men’s g-string underwear itself is clear indication of enhanced sex appeal and sensual purpose. Mostly made with lacy or sheer fabric, the main motive of the style is to please the partner.

  • Tanga


An identical twin of Brazilian bikini, tangas are the sexy underwear that covers the front with the help of cylindrical-shaped pouch and a broad fabric in the back that covers the butt crack as well as parts of the butts. The cuts on the sides are high in order to reveal a lot of skin.

  • C-string

Good Devil C-

Probably the most revolutionary of them all is c-string underwear for men. A hard-edged apparel style crafted in the shape of C with a broad front and a wire to tuck in the back. The surprising element in the style is that they do not have a waistband and it tucks in without any efforts. The string is generally made of metal-like hard fabric that doesn’t lose its place.

Which one of them have you tried and how was the feeling? Do let us know in the comments below.

The Doozy Thong by Intymen

The thong underwear for men normally encompasses of a precise fabric that cover your assets in the front. The Intymen Thongs are a perfect comrade for the full day formal meeting, sports addicts and special occasions like a romantic evenings. Below is a picture of a fascinating thong from Intymen and some of its features.

Intymen Mesh Thong

The Intymen Mesh Thong resembles a pouch which is attached to a strap that passes through your butt crack to connect to the waistband. This classy yet sporty sexy underwear enhances your features in a delicate way by covering your front and leaving the rear exposed. These undies are perfect for your morning jog as the glamorous cuts help to prevent chafing and rubbing of your thighs. The mesh underwear fabric helps in instantly fanning away your sweat. These apparels not only concentrate on your sports needs but also helps you in giving the desired charisma. The mesh fabrics allows partial visibility that can boost your sex appeal.

Special occasions like a secret rendezvous always calls for something more sensuous as well as sexy. These mesh undies help in lifting your manhood for better visibility of the package as the pouches are specifically designed to intensify and lift the package. Try one of these impressive thongs from Intymen which are available on Be-Brief.com and experience a zest in your charm.

4 Reasons Why Every Man should Start Wearing Thongs

Thongs are skimpy, revealing and highly erotic men’s underwear style. The cut of the male thong is similar in appearance to that of a bikini or a g-string. They feature a pouch at the front that covers your manhood and leaves the rear exposed which makes it perfect for you to flaunt your assets. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should own a pair of thong.

Men's Thong Underwear

  • Good Sex Appeal

Thongs are designed to showcase your goods by enhancing the bulge which gives you a good charisma. The exposure of the thongs on your back can make you look incredibly sexy.

  • Eye candy for your loved one

With its revealing design and eye-popping styles, you can keep things exciting and raise the temperature of the intimate occasions. You can flaunt your masculinity with these appealing undies to end your date night in an erotic way.

  • Keeps your male anatomy ventilated

The thongs are designed in such a way that they give you enough ventilation to help you to feel cool and airy even during the hottest day of summer.

  • Keeps you comfortable

Thongs are tiny in structure and has an exposed rear so, it is counted as one of the most comfortable men’s apparel style. It also depends on the fabric used in making this sexy apparel. They are made of light and breathable material that keeps you airy and comfortable which can help you in avoiding chafing during workouts or gym. With its cozy design, they provide you a great support for your manhood.

With all these benefits, it’s clear that thongs not only hint at sexuality, but also covers up the comfort factor of the package. They are available on many online shopping stores like Erogenos.com that supplement different brands.

5 Myths about Men’s Thong Underwear

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth. ~ John F. Kennedy

It is said that humans live through their myth and only endure their realities. Same goes true in the field of fashion and lifestyle. There are a lot of myths running in the society that restrains us from exploring. Thong underwear has been one such taboo of the society for a very long. Even though, the sexy style of underneath article has paved its way into the wardrobe of all the style-conscious men, some of the myths in this regards are still there.

Daniel Alexander Thong

The blog has compiled some of the common myths about thong underwear and the reality behind them. Have a look.

  • Thongs are so Gay

This style of men’s underwear has been around for ages. They have evolved from the conventional loincloths to the modern men’s thong pouch underwear. With time the underneath apparel was stereotyped as a choice for homosexuals. However, it is one of the comfiest undergarment for the modern male population. The female inspired underwear is now a wardrobe staple for all those who have higher regards for fashion and trend.

  • Thong causes infection

Infections are caused when you wear appeal crafted in the low-quality material. It has nothing to do with the underwear style or cut. So, check the fabric composition of undergarment before ordering it. Materials like cotton, nylon, polyester and others blended with the right amount spandex can minimize this risk.

  • Thongs are uncomfortable

Anything that is as erotic as a thong appears to be uncomfortable in the beginning. However, you need to try them once, in order to decide. The supportive pouch in the front holds the manhood and the tiny fabric at the back provide minimal coverage. The supportive option paired with high cuts provide comfort as well as ventilation. This can even help you get rid of problems such as chafing and other skin issues.

  • Thongs is for youngsters

The underneath fashion for men is dynamic. Besides this apparel is a versatile and anyone can wear it. You need not worry about being classed on the basis of what you’re wearing down there.

  • Thongs are only for women

Last, but not the least. You’ll not be compromising with your masculinity if you wear anything of this sort. This was actually the greatest myth, but with time it men have accepted it as their wardrobe staple.

So, don’t limit your taste to the conventional underwear styles. Delve into the online store of Skiviez and choose the best.