The Most Loved Thongs at Be-Brief

The men’s underwear industry has come up with many innovative styles and concepts in the last decade. Same was witnessed at the men’s underwear store Be-Brief. This blog is about the most popular brands of men’s thongs that couldn’t have been more refreshing.

Agacio Basics Thong:

Agacio Basic Thong features all your basic needs including support, coverage and sex appeal with just one pair.

Agacio Basics Thong

These comfortable undies are designed with a pouch at the front that provides the perfect elevation of your manhood. They come in supporting fabrics which helps you to feel the comfort down there. The fusion of Spandex or modal is added to increase the flexibility of the underwear.

Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong:

Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong

The Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong is constructed with an emphasized pouch at the front enhances the bulge and raises your charisma. This underwear provides a bigger room for breathability, which keeps you airy and dry down there. It provides an excellent stretch and resilience with an amazing combination of the fabric and elastane.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong:

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

Cover Male is one of the best sellers in the male underwear category. The market hit the cloud when the pouch enhancing underwear was introduced. This underwear features a slim cut design with a special pouch that provides a visible lift. You also have the option of having different fabrics in the front like sheer or mesh that can add to the excitement.

It not only focuses on the glamour factor but also gives you the promised comfort which is the result of the concoction of polyamide and spandex.

Good Devil Thong:


The Good Devil Thong is one of the best pieces which is recommended for the sexy guys out there. This thong features minimal fabric all over though it covers your manhood but in an appealing way. This sexy pouch elevates your genitals for no adjustments throughout the day. Talking about comfort, it comes wit lycra/spandex combination to feel airy down there.

Candyman Thong:


Candyman thongs are perfect for guys who seek more action in foreplay. The low fit thongs feature a sexy V cut opening on the contoured pouch. This super sexy thong is the perfect outfit for the romantic date nights. The fabrics of this thong is a combination of nylon and spandex to keep your thumbs up even on the comfort level.

Above are some of the sexiest thongs that are available on Be-Brief. Grab them before they go out of stock.


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