5 Myths about Men’s Thong Underwear

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth. ~ John F. Kennedy

It is said that humans live through their myth and only endure their realities. Same goes true in the field of fashion and lifestyle. There are a lot of myths running in the society that restrains us from exploring. Thong underwear has been one such taboo of the society for a very long. Even though, the sexy style of underneath article has paved its way into the wardrobe of all the style-conscious men, some of the myths in this regards are still there.

Daniel Alexander Thong

The blog has compiled some of the common myths about thong underwear and the reality behind them. Have a look.

  • Thongs are so Gay

This style of men’s underwear has been around for ages. They have evolved from the conventional loincloths to the modern men’s thong pouch underwear. With time the underneath apparel was stereotyped as a choice for homosexuals. However, it is one of the comfiest undergarment for the modern male population. The female inspired underwear is now a wardrobe staple for all those who have higher regards for fashion and trend.

  • Thong causes infection

Infections are caused when you wear appeal crafted in the low-quality material. It has nothing to do with the underwear style or cut. So, check the fabric composition of undergarment before ordering it. Materials like cotton, nylon, polyester and others blended with the right amount spandex can minimize this risk.

  • Thongs are uncomfortable

Anything that is as erotic as a thong appears to be uncomfortable in the beginning. However, you need to try them once, in order to decide. The supportive pouch in the front holds the manhood and the tiny fabric at the back provide minimal coverage. The supportive option paired with high cuts provide comfort as well as ventilation. This can even help you get rid of problems such as chafing and other skin issues.

  • Thongs is for youngsters

The underneath fashion for men is dynamic. Besides this apparel is a versatile and anyone can wear it. You need not worry about being classed on the basis of what you’re wearing down there.

  • Thongs are only for women

Last, but not the least. You’ll not be compromising with your masculinity if you wear anything of this sort. This was actually the greatest myth, but with time it men have accepted it as their wardrobe staple.

So, don’t limit your taste to the conventional underwear styles. Delve into the online store of Skiviez and choose the best.


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