4 Exotic Thong types for Men

Thongs have always men’s favorite pair of women and many of them didn’t even know that the respective styles were typically a men’s underwear style for ages. Though they had no clue of what options they had until a few decades but now the times have changed and men have a wider variety to take a look at and choose the one that matches your personality.

Did you know that there are other types of men’s exotic thong underwear? Well, if you don’t, you must take a look at the options below and stay aware about the same.

  • Conventional thong

Brazilian bikini underwear

Starting from the very own and conventional is the thong underwear. With a pouch that covers and supports (optional), the waistband is thick and elastic with a back coverage that varies from minimal to thicker versions like Brazilian bikini underwear.

  • G-string

men’s g-string underwear

Next in line is the skimpier version of the conventional style that definitely is a lot more sexier. The collection of men’s g-string underwear itself is clear indication of enhanced sex appeal and sensual purpose. Mostly made with lacy or sheer fabric, the main motive of the style is to please the partner.

  • Tanga


An identical twin of Brazilian bikini, tangas are the sexy underwear that covers the front with the help of cylindrical-shaped pouch and a broad fabric in the back that covers the butt crack as well as parts of the butts. The cuts on the sides are high in order to reveal a lot of skin.

  • C-string

Good Devil C-

Probably the most revolutionary of them all is c-string underwear for men. A hard-edged apparel style crafted in the shape of C with a broad front and a wire to tuck in the back. The surprising element in the style is that they do not have a waistband and it tucks in without any efforts. The string is generally made of metal-like hard fabric that doesn’t lose its place.

Which one of them have you tried and how was the feeling? Do let us know in the comments below.


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