What I Wish Everyone Knew about Thongs!

Thongs are an imperative men’s underwear that covers your male life structure while leaving you totally free and airy at the back. They take a shift from designs to patterns. This underneath apparel varies for different occasions, which are available exclusively in many online stores. However, what else do you know about thongs? There are some facts that I wish everyone knew about thongs. Read on to find out.

  • I wish people knew that thongs were the predecessors of loincloth

If you look up on various articles on the internet that discuss the provocative and sexy clothing style, you’ll see that thongs are thought to be the forerunner of loincloth. It implies that the particular style is the oldest form of internal wear.

Ancient People in Thong

  • I wish people knew that thongs were originally crafted for men

Though there has always been a debate about the style but the fact is that it was first adopted by men. Later, it was manufactured for women. Gradually, the fashion vanished from the men’s section, by the time it picked up a high popularity among the ladies. After few years, it made a massive comeback with much better designs and cuts for men.

  • I wish people knew that this sensuous the underneath apparel is crafted in terms of comfort as well

Well, with only a little bit of texture in the front and uncovered back, it keeps you cozy down there. This men’s tiny thong underwear comes in supportive fabrics keeps your manhood in the most luxurious way.


  • I wish people knew that this cozy outfit is a replacement for going commando

Thongs are for folks who prefer to stay commando since the fabric is scarcely down there. Once you get used to wearing it, you won’t realize that you are actually wearing something down there.    So, what are you waiting for? Dazzle up the heat this summer with thongs by choosing from the numerous brands available at Erogenos.com.


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