Journey of thong: My story

Initially, I was not the kind of person who challenge conventions and stand out in public. Being an introvert, I preferred staying in my own comfort zone. It won’t be wrong to state that I used hate any sort of changes in my life. I was choosy about everything. However, I was very open to trying the modern and contemporary clothing styles. There is not a single fashion trend that I have not tried. Despite being a fashion freak, I was reluctant in exploring the possibilities of underneath fashion. Like any other mama’s boys, I was stuck to the tighty-whitey that my mom bought. It took me 18-19 years to visit the underwear store for the first time.

The changing trends in the underneath fashion was one thing that took some time for me to explore. As I grew up, I switched my style from the tighty-whitey to boxers. I always thought that this is the only option for men and never felt a need of changing it.

Men's Thong Underwear

It was a couple of year back that I saw one of my friends wearing men’s thong underwear. I wondered how can a man wear this feminine style of underneath article. For me it was just an ridiculous way to brag about your assets. However, I was wrong. I talked to him and he explained me the reason for wearing such a skimpy style of men’s underwear. He is such an underwear fanatic and explorer that he knows almost everything about the underneath fashion. For me comfort was all about fabric. However, after talking to him I understood that comfort starts with the pouch. Moreover, masculinity is affected by the cut of the underneath apparel, but by the way the front profile is projected.

The pouch of the traditional underwear kept the manhood in between the legs. The temperature of the anatomy coupled with the heat of the body led to sweating. This ultimately paved path for chafing and rashes. The modern styles like men’s bikini, thong and g-string underwear, keeps the anatomy away from the abrasion of the thighs, thus, reducing sweating. Moreover, the skimpy cut was not practical for raising the sex appeal, but also added to the ventilation.

My next question was obvious, isn’t this too feminine for men to wear? I was wrong yet again. Thongs are considered to be the probable predecessor of the loincloth. So, it was initially designed for men. Later, it was adopted as an underneath apparel for the ladies. What goes around, comes around around. The thong has once again paved it’s way onto the closet of every style-conscious men.

I reluctantly ordered my piece after some day and figured out the difference instantly. The pair of underwear fits in snugly without sticking or squashing. I even have a pouch enhancing thong underwear in my collection. The anatomical pouch provides gentle and natural enhancement to my front profile. I don’t restrict myself you any norm anymore. I have tired almost all the underwear style right from the brief underwear to the outrageous men’s g-string.

Final say

For all the men like me around, I just have only one suggestion. It is good to have a personal favorite. However, it should not stop you from exploring things. Don’t judge the things by the myths and taboos that prevail in the society. Come to a conclusion only after trying them.

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