How to get a Shy guy to get comfortable with thongs?

Recently I was at a friend’s place for a party that went the entire night. With booze, food and good music, we had people who were really interesting to talk to. I made friends with new people and it was a fun time conversing with them about who am I, what do I do for a living and the passions and much more.

Some of them were quite intrigued by the fact that I am a blogger who specializes in men’s underwear whereas; others were cool with it. Then, there was this guy who was just observing what we talked and had nothing to say in return. Just to make sure that everyone was talking, I asked this fellow how he was doing tonight and steered the conversation towards his idea about men’s underneath fashion.
Two Men's Talking Together
This blog is an experience with the shy guy (that’s what I call him) and how I convinced him to try mens thongs. You too can walk the steps and help someone close to you find pleasure in the skimpy yet sexy underwear style.

  • Ask him his view on underneath fashion:

    You can start with a general discussion about men’s apparel and ask the guy about how he sees the underneath fashion being revolutionized. Let him talk about the same and do share your views on the same question. It’ll be the base of your building blocks of knowing him inside out.

  • Ask him about the apparel styles that he has:

    Once he’s done talking about what he thinks of the underneath fashion, you can throw another question of what all styles does he have. He might be someone who loves to stay conventional with his tighty whiteys and boxer brief underwear or someone who can go up to the extent of flaunting sheer the flawless way.

P.S.- he might surprise you that he does wear thongs occasionally and the conversation will end there.

Men's Discussion

  • Find out whether his desire:

    If the guy wears thongs, the discussion will end right there, but if doesn’t, you have a fair chance to look into his choices and his heart’s desire to try or not to try the style. While making the conversation go smooth, check out if he’d be interested in trying something more revealing and sexy or not. This, as a result, will help you focus on your plan of action of how to convince him.

  • Share your experience and tell him to try them once:

    If the guy is still engaging in the conversation, there are chances that he might be easy to convince. You can share your first experience with him and tell him how pampering the style makes you feel below the belt once it fits snugly.

My first experience with thongs wasn’t too well because nobody told me how to buy them in the first place. However, I didn’t stop there and bought pairs till I was satisfied with the feeling that I had. That shy guy is my roommate now and we shop our thongs together. In fact, we shop all the styles together. All you have to make sure that he knows how to buy his first pair and it’ll decipher whether he’s up for it or not.


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