Thongs: The Secret Code for Stunning Sex Appeal

When it comes to enhancing your intimate fashion,  the underwear styles needs to get an upgrade. The regular styles sometimes lack in providing the needed improvisation to the front profile. In such cases, you could try men’s thongs that can present a better sex appeal when compared to the other underwear fashions. The blog contains five such brands that can be a perfect catalyst to show off your assets in the best way. Read on to find out.

  • Cover Male:

    The modern and functional underneath article from the Cover Male brand ensures the best appeal. As the name suggests, they provide a pouch that intends to provide the best visibility by protruding the manhood. It keeps the male anatomy at a position away from the body. This elevation and the defining fit is an ideal option to make a bold statement.

Cover Male Thong Underwear

  • Daddy Thongs:

    The products from the Daddy are one of the creative underneath apparel that has a functional pouch. The pouch elongates with the length of the shaft. This is done to provide a bigger bulge in your pants.

Daddy Thong Underwear

  • Good Devil:

    The brand is already famous for crafting sexy men’s underwear. One of their assortment is the product that we are talking about. The thongs from the brand provide a pouch that takes the shape of the manhood. This shape is capable of delivering an impressive sex appeal.

Good Devil Thong Underwear

  • Daniel Alexander:

    The brand provides products that come with a protruded bulge in the front for an enhanced personality. Not only that as they also provide the required comfort down there.

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear

  • Agacio:

    Agacio is known for providing the comfort down the belt. The assortment serves a contouring pouch which elongates with the manhood to provide extra room for the shaft and also lets a no-chafing experience.

Agacio Thong Underwear

Above are some of the brands that you should definitely give a try for obtaining an impressive sex appeal. Shop one of these at to stay noticeable.


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