Men’s Thong: What’s the right occasion for it?

Thong the very word was scary for some men a while ago. This is one underwear style that was initially introduced for men, but later became a taboo for the male population. Despite being the considered as the predecessor of one of the oldest undergarment worn by men, this undergarment was accused of being too feminine and uncomfortable. Do you still believe in these taboos or you’ve got over it?

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Men who have embraced this skimpy style, often ask the one question. When can it be worn? Well, this question is as good as asking when can you wear your boxers as despite it’s skimpy style, thongs can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Do you see yourself asking the same question? Here is the answer for query.

Date night

This is a but-obvious fact. The erotic piece is specifically designed to raise the temperature of your intimate affairs. Hence, it is for sure the ultimate apparel for the date nights and special evening. Not only this, this underneath apparel are even available in see-through sheer fabric and extremely exotic lace. Wear anything of this sort and you can effortlessly tantalize your partner.

Everyday wear

The skimpy and barely there underwear is a perfect option to be used as a daily wear. The underneath article is allows a lot of air circulation. Not only this, the pouch of the undies are supportive and keeps the junk in the right place, regardless of what you’re doing. Hence, it is perfect to be used as a normal wear during your laid back days at home.

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If you think that these undies are way too uncomfortable to be worn with the office attire, then, you need to reconsider. The people who have used it will understand that the less fabric is not just sensual, but provides a free feeling down there. Along with this, there is an added benefit that this style of men’s underwear provide. They are seamless. Hence, you can pair it with your snug fit trouser. The visible underwear line while giving presentation is the greatest nightmare of most men. Thus, the thongs and even g-strings for men help you get rid of this prominent issue.


Surprised? Don’t be! Not every style of men’s thongs is made for the gym activities and other physical activities. There are some brands that have a collection of sports thong that can be used for all sort of strenuous activities. Ensure that you make your choices accordingly.


It was revealed in a survey that most men enjoy going commando while sleeping. However, according to experts, sleeping with an underwear may lead to fungal infection and other such issues. The minimal coverage of this underwear style is a perfect alternative for free-balling. The pouch covers the genital while still keeping the ventilation up a notch. So, you can have the mixed advantage of airy feel along with ultimate support.

Have you got your erotic piece yet? If not, then, now is the time. Get the versatile underneath article and be ready for every occasion in style.


Argument For and Against Men’s Thongs

There are many things in the fashion industry are people are skeptical about. The sexy undies, especially men’s thong is one of them. The underneath article has raised eye-brows and question ever since it’s inception. Most men still think that this is a feminine style and men should never ever wear anything of this sort. The debate in this context have been there for years. In fact, it was not really a debate earlier. People were not even ready to talk about it, they just drew assumptions for this. The is the biggest problem that anything that is not conventional faces in the beginning.


Have been thinking about considering this underwear style lately? Here are some of the argument for and against the aesthetic underwear style. Let us first begin with the factors that restricts men from trying anything of this sort.

  • Against:

  • This argument has developed over time and the source of this is yet not known. People have a view that this is a feminine style, designed just for the ladies. Men, in general, relate the undies with their masculinity. This is the reason, why most of them are still obsessed with the tighty-whiteys.Cover Male Thong Underwear
  • Wearing a skimpy and sexy undergarment is a very ‘gay thing’. This is the common view of majority of male population. This is definitely one of the most prominent factors that restricts a man from using thongs and even men’s g-strings.
  • The minimal fabric is not an apt option for men. Traveling, workouts and other physical activities are a part of the everyday life of men. So, the undergarment should offer the functionality to facilitate their lifestyle. The genital of a man requires support and thongs are not well-equipped for the same.
  • The underwear is unnecessarily revealing. So, it may be perfect for the nights, but is an insane option for the daytime. You just can’t use them with your everyday attire.
  • For:

  • The fact is that this undergarment is a predecessor of traditional loincloth that was initially used be men. Later women started using it and boxers and briefs became an obvious option in the category of men’s underwear. Since it gained lot more popularity in the women’s category, men started refraining themselves from using it.

Intymen Sport Thong

  • Categorizing people on the basis of their orientation and the judging them on the basis of the clothes they wear is the biggest mistake of all time. Turns out there’s nothing less masculine or less ‘straight’ about the underwear. The undergarment cannot decide your lifestyle or your taste. Every man who aspires to stay on-trend and try something that is edgier and trendier can try thongs.
  • Yes, the underwear reveals a bit of skin down there. However, there are positives of the see-through pattern. Feeling something as close to your skin as these undies can shoot your sex appeal right through the roof. When you feel sexy, your look will reflect your self-confidence.
  • This is not an apt option for workouts and other strenuous activities. There are undies specifically designed for these purpose like boxer briefs and jockstrap underwear. However, that doesn’t mean it is less supportive and functional. In fact, the pouch of the modern undies are designed in such a way that they elevate the position of the package and keep them abrasion-free. Unlike the traditional undergarments that kept the manhood somewhere in between the thigh, it is a cozier everyday wear. Moreover, these skivvies are seamless. So, you can slip it with your skinny jeans and trousers.

What are your views about the sensual undies? Share your views in the comments below.


5 C’s of Thong Underwear

When it comes to your men’s underwear, thongs for men are the trickiest to buy. Probably there are others as well, but this the most conventional among the tricky category. There’ll always be that time when you’d feel – I wish this was correct in this pair of a thong and I would have loved it to the core.

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Just like the 5 W’s and 1 H in journalism that states what, where, when, who, why and how, there are similar patterns everywhere. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 C’s that would let you buy thong that won’t be messy with your personality.

1. Crest or the brand

The very first step in choosing the right pair of thong is to choose the apt brand that’ll define your personality. There is a gamut of brands that design the respective sexy underwear for men but then the point is to choose the one that complements you and your male anatomy. So, be wise and choose the one that looks good on you.

2. Construction

Well, next in queue is the construction or the kind of fabric that is being used in the style. If you are well versed with the style, you’d know what am I talking about but if you are a new wearer, then you’d have to figure out the kinds of fabric that are available in the industry and which one of them is ideal for you. From the plethora of options including cotton, nylon with spandex for elasticity, the other options include polyester, leather and much more.

3. Cut

This has to be the one where you pay attention to because the cut would decipher whether you’d find it easy to settle with the pair or not. A wider back is way easier for the first timers to handle whereas; the ones with just a string are trickier to be handled. In fact, you’ll also find thongs that look more like bikini underwear or g-string underwear (on the other opposite). Choose the one that defines you well.

4. Color

If you are not a very colorful kind of a personality (in terms of your choices), you must take a look at the designer underwear collection served for you online. With the pinks, blues, and yellows, the color combinations vary depending on the variety of moods that you go through.

5. Cleaning

Can you take the pain of cleaning it just like it is mentioned on the tags that come with the pieces? If only you can, you must pick the style or else you would regret because it’ll lose its charm within no time.