5 Things that Thong Wearers Can Relate to

Thongs, the fashionable men’s underwear has been doing rounds for quite some time now. Men are going crazy over the style that urges the industries to bring out more innovations in them. Some of them don the style because they find it sexy while the others wear it for the trend. So, this blog is specially dedicated to all such thong lovers who can relate with the similarities listed below. Read on to find out.

The mixed reaction on seeing the product

When you take a look at the products available at the stores, you either end up doing millions of WOW or you’ll be like, “is it even an underwear?” because the construction highlights just a small pouch at the front that might or might not cover the manhood. The rear is completely bare, sometimes a little quantity of fabric can be present. A thick strap or string connects the pouch to the waistband that passes through the butt cracks.

Mixed Reaction

No, I’m not bending today!

This happened to me as a first timer. I refused to bend the whole day as the rear string would ride up the butt crack. So, it needed an adjustment once I come back to the original position. I was really frustrated with this. I just blasted on the customer care of the online store. The executive was kind enough to understand that what went wrong. He suggested me to try the next size. Initially, I was rude but, still went on by his words. He was in fact right. The next size didn’t do the same. I called back the same number, though I didn’t get the same person. The other one ensured to pass my apologies to him.


No more underwear lines

The skimpy structure helps in avoiding the underwear lines and helps in delivering a better profile. The nasty underwear lines had spoiled my pool party before when I jumped into the water with the boxers while the lines of the boxers showed up.


Spices up the date nights

Well, this is one of the fact that we all can relate. My GF kept saying there is no spice, no excitement, no fun. I said,” What can I do for that, should I act like a stand-up comedian amidst the sexy scene now?” I knew I was making no sense but then, she made efforts to make me look hot. She just pulled out my thongs from the drawer and asked,”What do you do with these?” I said,” I wear them for ventilation.” She gave me a confused look and threw them on my face. “Jerk, these are for intimate purposes, this is the spice that I was asking for.” That’s when I understood the real purpose of the attire.


Arrgghh! Infections!

Studies say that regular usage of men’s thong underwear can land up in infections. Well, they are right but can be controlled if you stay clean on your part. Unclean privates and same underwear every day can lead to infections. So, you need to pamper your manhood regularly to stay away from the infections.

Above are some of the situations that we all can relate to. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog.


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