Differences between a thong and cheeky thong – what should you choose?

Did you know there are more than 7 kinds of men’s thong underwear? I bet you didn’t and all these different kinds of men’s underwear styles are out there in the industry for the different kinds of personalities.

One of those kinds and quite popular among the male population is the mens cheeky thong underwear. Have you ever tried them on?

Daniel Alexande Emotion Slip Thong

If you haven’t you should because that’s exactly why these were made and branched out from the conventional thongs in the first place. Find out below the differences below the thong and the cheeky thong and decide which one matches your personality.

  • The coverage in the front
    Talking about thongs, the coverage varies from a lot to the skimpiest. Where you’ll find something that would cover up the entire front to something that would just have strings holding up the junk.
    On the other hand, cheeky thongs are those which certainly (99.99%) have broader coverage in the front. Looking more like a brief underwear or men’s bikinis, it supports the manhood to the best.
  • The coverage in the back
    The conventional thong back is what ranges from covering the butt crack leaving the cheeks up for display to something that leaves no clue of anything even being there in the back in the first place.
    The cheeky thong is what is more like a cheeky underwear that has a broader coverage in the waist and fabric lingering on the butts as well, but there’s still scope for the butt-show in the back.
  • The pouch
    The former style is the parent style has a lot of variants under it, so the pouch options range from the ones meant for the beginners to those who have lived half their life in thongs. Maximum to minimal is what the pouch coverage is. Even if you are looking for an enhancing underwear in thongs, you’d have it or something with anatomical pouches or no pouch at all.
    The latter style also has the option of enhancing or anatomical pouches but the chances of open or minimal coverage are very low.

Thongs can be supportive or cannot be but the cheeky thongs are the majority of the times supportive. You can decide which one to go for.

What makes thongs the ideal choice for work?

Have you ever thought of wearing your men’s thong underwear to work? You might say that you had thought about it but haven’t implemented the same or something like – are you kidding me, why would I even think of wearing such a skimpy pair of men’s underwear for official purposes?

It is okay!! You’re not alone when you think something like this because there are many men out there who consider this only for the pleasure purposes or don’t consider them at all.

Intymen Sport Thong

However, the style is more of the good than you think and is apt for your workplace (not all of them) and will make you feel comfortable as well as supported through the day.

Laid down are the reasons that make thongs ideal for work.

  • The support:

    Choose the brand right and you will never turn back to the conventional styles like boxer brief underwear or the tighty whiteys ever. The support is an indispensable part of thongs when it comes to choosing something that is meant for work.

  • The pouch:

    Who doesn’t like pouches that sit straight on the manhood without being so fidgety? We all do!! And, thongs are everything about having a comfortable pouch that sits where it is supposed to sit and make you adjust-no-more after you’ve indulged in walking or going up/coming down the stairs. It stays in its place and supports the assets.

  • The seamless design:

    Well, not every thong has a seamless design but the basic idea of having a thong in the first place is that no underwear lines are there. Whether in the front or in the back, nothing seems to protrude from your form fitting pants. That’s exactly what g-string underwear also does for you.

  • The airy cuts:

    What else can you ask for when your butts are left in the open and the front has just the enough that covers you to the best? The airy cuts in the sides with a bare back, everything seems to look and feel comfortable below the belt. It is more like a personal air conditioner for your goods that keep you cool.

  • The huggy-fit: 

    While revealing a lot about your personality, thongs do fit you extremely well. The fabric hugs the assets to the best of the ability providing the being-loved feeling for as long as you stay in them.

What’s your idea of wearing thongs to work? Do let us know in the comments below.

Thongs : Reasons to Embrace the Style

Men’s underwear has seen an enormous development when compared to the conventional products. Thongs, being one of them has gained a good popularity. However, many of them like the style while some are completely against it. If you are one of the crowd, thinking what’s so good about the style then, this blog is especially for you. It briefs the various the reasons on why the article is popular despite the controversies. Scan on to know more.

  • They are more functional than they seem to be

    The men’s thong has amazing benefits other than just being fashionable. Some of them are as listed below –

    • No underwear lines
    • Perfect, overall tanning
    • Sexy exposed rear

    Daddy Silp Thong

    • Perfect for any kind of clothing
    • Underwear as well as swimwear
    • Comfortable
    • Feeling of freedom

    With such stunning perks, who would not want to have one of the above fashionables in their wardrobe.

  • They are perfect catalysts for hot date nights

    One of the primary function of the undergarment is to spice up the dull moments. They are in fact, a great source of pleasure that ends in making the best moments of life. It puts up the naughty smile on your partner’s face with something that you’ve hidden down there. The attire teases and tantalizes your partner as the fancy fabrics incorporated in them help in decorating the handsome package.

Daddy Silp Thong

  • The best source of comfort

    This undoubtedly sounds weird to men who are habitual to loads of fabric such as men’s briefs or bikini’s but, it is an approved statement which has been confirmed by numerous thongs wearers (including me). You just forget that you’re wearing something down there when it’s thongs. Additionally, the fabric blend used in the construction of the attire makes the cloth feel like a second skin on the waist.

Addicted Brief

  • Offers the needed enhancement

    Some of the above mentioned underwear style also comes with enhancement like pouch lifting techniques. The pouch of the article is crafted in such a way that it lifts the genitals in order to present the perfect bulge under your pants. This also presents an overall impressive personality as well.

Cover Male Thong

Above are some of the reasons which results in the popularity of the fab attire. Benefits are more fruitful when they are experienced personally. Grab one of the pieces from the online stores of Be-Brief.com to experience them yourself.