Be chic be fashionable with Secret Male Thong

If you didn’t see the manhood protruding, what would have been your take on the thong in the image? I would have thought that it was a women’s thong and for sure. But, the good news is that men’s panties have made their way to the industry providing the same comfort and luxury with the hold that the male anatomy needs. Secret Male Underwear is what has brought this revolution in the industry in full form.

Secret Male Thong

The Secret Male Thong (as you can see) is probably the very cute and sexy underwear that men can have. With the print so fancy and the lace waistband keeping the hold comfortable, the pouch of thongs for men protrudes and supports the manhood for the better. The floral print on the black background looks outstanding with the waistband dipping in the front, you get to have a handsome feeling of luxury down there.

With 78% polyester and 22% spandex, you don’t need a lot of stretch because of the high cuts, but keeping the feminine saga continued, the flexibility is highly needed. What else do you need?

Find them at


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