When life gives you lemons, wear them as Joe Snyder thongs

You might be someone who needs reasons to be an underwear fanatic or someone who would be carefree of what others think about you. Joe Snyder Underwear is one brand that is meant for both the kinds. The men’s underwear brand has been there in the industry for quite a long…time and has been delivering products that are still considered sexy underwear. If you find men in thongs sexy, the credit goes to brands like Joe Snyder for allowing and empowering men to go minimal.

Joe Snyder Launch Thong Lemon.jpg

Joe Snyder Launch Thong Lemon.jpg

The Joe Snyder Launch Thong lemon is probably one of the most bling pieces that I have recently come across. The color itself is what lets you stop and let the whole thing sink in. Coming to the touch of the designer underwear, you’d find comfort in 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. This is the signature composition that you’ll find in the majority of the pairs. The launch part of the name is not given to the style without the purpose, it is actually there. The pouch is made to be set apart from the legs and stay out. With a fly option, you can use it the way you want to when you need it.

The conventional thong underwear design is what will tease you for the best. The sleekness on the sides and a revealing back is all you have. There are other color options that you’d want to settle down with at skiviez.com. Check them out.


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