Thong Underwear – The most comfortable one

Comfort is undoubtedly the most important aspect when it comes to men’s underwear and when we talk about the trendiest and the sexiest of the styles available i.e., mens thongs, it is one of the only aspects that you should be concerned about because everything else is secondary.

So, what do you think makes your sexy underwear comfortable?? Is it the minimal coverage or the fabric?

Feel Slip Thong Black.jpg

Find it all below.

Fabric ratio

Once you get the fabric ratio of what goes down there right, you’ve won half of the war. The most important thing in getting the comfort right is finding the fabric ratio right. Once you do this, the following aspects would certainly be the piece of cake for your below the belt and the feeling that you have.


Depending on how much you can bear to show off and how minimal you can go with the coverage, the next aspect deals with the comfort that the fabric coverage provides. For a beginner, broader coverage would be apt whereas; for men who have the experience of going sleeker can adjust with the thinner options.


Neither the saggy fit nor the one that suffocates your manhood would be a feasible option for comfort. The perfect fit would be when you bend, stretch, or do whatever you feel like without getting that stuck up feeling down there. The fabric shouldn’t ride up or the waistband shouldn’t stick out of the trouser waist and that’ll be the perfect fit.


The respective fashion underwear is about either covering the assets or letting it all show, but the manhood should be taken care of and given all the priority to raise the bar of happiness. With a plethora of pouch options from full coverage to expose-it-all, enhancing underwear options to let it loose pouches and so many more that are made differently in order to serve different purposes. Choose carefully.

Hence, once you get these aspects correctly, comfort walks in.


Be the macho man with twist in Honcho Thongs

Are you ready to show off your masculine appeal in a way that you want it to be revealed? At Mensuas, there are is a wide collection of new arrivals that would blow your mind with the colors, cuts, and fabrics. Talking specifically about the collection of thongs for men at the online store, you should be waiting for the new men’s underwear to be there in stock.

Honcho Thong White.jpg

Honcho Thong White.jpg

The Honcho Thong that we’ll be talking about is from the new collection with the conventional design but a modern style. Talking about the design, the sheer/solid stripes on the supportive cum sexy pouch is what tempts your partner whereas; the conventional fashion underwear coverage in the back lets you breathe free. The sheer underwear feature in the front lets your partner get a sneak peek of what’s inside while the bare sides and the back hold back nothing.

The broad waistband with repetitive brand name and the fabric composition of 96% nylon & 4% spandex are the functional aspects of sexy underwear.

Do you want to find more? Check out

How to wear thongs in winters?

We all have heard and probably experienced that men’s thongs have always been the skimpy men’s underwear that offers ample breathability below the belt. However, have you ever thought how men would wear the style in the winter months?

EdipousThong Underwear

This is a question only a true thong or g-string underwear wearer would be able to give with the true-trademark on it. After all, they are the ones who would have the style of the pants 365 days (excluding all the exceptions).

For guys who are planning to the daring soul and going to wear thongs this winter, you should get yourself prepared.

  • Choose the fabric well

    This has to be the first thing (out of the many) that you need to pay attention to. The fabric must be something that stays warm and doesn’t let air pass through. So, in this case, you can keep cotton at bay and pick a fabric like Polyester, Polyamide or more. The idea is to stay warm here.

  • Broader fabric coverage

    Once the fabric selection is sorted out, you need to check how much area does the fabric cover below the belt. For example, a cheeky thong is a way better option for you to choose rather than the Brazilian cuts. However, if you are planning to wear a trouser that provides the warmth, then the range of variants is endless.

  • Pouch option should do the work

    Winter doesn’t want you to expose your manhood in the cold. If you really want to show off what you have behind the closed door, you might want to heat up the room before your manhood goes numb. Opt for coverage for the manhood and you’ll be thankful for this suggestion lifelong.

  • With a warmer

    Warmers in the winter season are quite common worldwide. Whether you choose the upper, lower or the set, they intend to add to the warmth level of your body. Hence, you can wear whatever style of thong whether it is sheer underwear or conventional one with a body warmer to keep up with the warmth.

How would you wear the style in winters? Do let us know in the comments below.

What should you look for in thongs?

Whether you’re new to male thongs or have been trying and wearing the men’s underwear for quite some time now, finding the perfect pair needs the same efforts every time. However, this does not mean that you have to go through all the possible steps all over again. All to got to do is – focus on certain attributes and get the best of the apparel style.

What are those attributes??

Find them below.

  • The design:

    This is the first thing that catches the eye and leaves you in awe is the design of any pair. And, certainly, it should. What if the pair is absolutely stunning by functions and doesn’t look good? Will you be able to show it off?? You’d think about it before you do. Hence, the design of the thongs which is in the pouch and the way the strings are connected. Choose the design carefully.

Cover Male Slip Thong

  • The structure:

    No two men like the same design and structure. That is the reason why the different brands have been crafting the structures differently. You’d find some pieces with broad waistband while others have strings, some are sheer underwear while others have solid fabric and so much more. Hence, every piece is different depending on what you like to choose from the lot.

Cover Male Slip Thong

  • The pouch:

    Coming down to the focus and the only broad fabric insert that a pair has, i.e., the pouch. By the look of the pouches available, it seems that there’s a lot in stock for you to choose from. From the snug fit options to the contouring ones and the enhancing underwear, there are numerous options for you.

  • The fabrics:

    From cotton, nylon to polyamide, polyester and so much more, the list of fabrics available in thongs is long and desirable. In addition to the basic materials, the addition of spandex makes you move around with the flexibility that you need.

What’s your idea of thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.

Hail support!! Try Good Devil Thong

Have you been looking for support in your men’s underwear? Do you, for the slightest moment think that men’s thong underwear would be an apt style to give you what you’re looking for? Most of you would just say “no”. However, Good Devil Underwear is one name that you can trust when it comes to giving you quirky surprises. You might find support in them (not every product) and comfort with the complimentary sexiness too.

Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong Black/Mustard.jpg
Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong Black/Mustard.jpg

The Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong is one of the sexy underwear that supports you front and back to the best. With bikini underwear coverage in the front, it is the sides that start getting sleeker with a back that has cheeky-like cut. The masculine design with a pouch that enhances your masculinity while keeping everything in one place. The dual-color combination make your assets look stunning down there.

With a fabric ratio of 89.55% Nylon and 10.45% Spandex, you know what you’re getting into for your comfort and stretch. Find out the manly color combinations at

Level up your personality with Edipous Slip Thong

Edipous Underwear has been in the industry for about two years now and has been consistently making men feel like Greek Gods. The collection of men’s underwear available at Wyzman is what you need to check out if you really want to feel the best of yourself in the most basic. Men’s thong underwear being the most loved and popular category by the label, your manhood deserves every bit of it.

Edipous Slip Thong

The Edipous Slip Thong features a sleek and supportive design with a broad coverage in the back. With a solid design, it is the contrast-colored piping on the pouch as well as the stitch on the pouch sides stands out. The bare butts give a smooth fit while the front is held up properly. The support on the pouch gives you visibility with the pouch enhancing underwear technique.

If you opt for the right size, you will get the best of fashion, style, and function from the pair. Check out the colors available at

Let eroticism fill the air with Daddy Thong

Daddy Underwear does not kill your expectations when it comes providing options for you men’s erotic underwear. The collection is full on what you’d want when it’s time to be passionate and hot. The range of men’s thong underwear available at Erogenos is worth your time and money.

Daddy Thong White/Turquoise.jpg

Daddy Thong White/Turquoise.jpg

The Daddy Thong from the new arrivals category is certainly the hottest talk of the town these days. With an unconventionally erotic design, it is the fabric composition of 89% nylon and 11% spandex that brings out the best in you. With a pouch that holds its position yet flaunts what you have from the top opening, the strings connecting the pouch and waistband get all the credit. It is the thick waistband that holds its place and keeps you looking supported.

Bare butt with the butt crack covered with the fabric, you should spice up your life with the pair. Choose your color and size at