How to get a Shy guy to get comfortable with thongs?

Recently I was at a friend’s place for a party that went the entire night. With booze, food and good music, we had people who were really interesting to talk to. I made friends with new people and it was a fun time conversing with them about who am I, what do I do for a living and the passions and much more.

Some of them were quite intrigued by the fact that I am a blogger who specializes in men’s underwear whereas; others were cool with it. Then, there was this guy who was just observing what we talked and had nothing to say in return. Just to make sure that everyone was talking, I asked this fellow how he was doing tonight and steered the conversation towards his idea about men’s underneath fashion.
Two Men's Talking Together
This blog is an experience with the shy guy (that’s what I call him) and how I convinced him to try mens thongs. You too can walk the steps and help someone close to you find pleasure in the skimpy yet sexy underwear style.

  • Ask him his view on underneath fashion:

    You can start with a general discussion about men’s apparel and ask the guy about how he sees the underneath fashion being revolutionized. Let him talk about the same and do share your views on the same question. It’ll be the base of your building blocks of knowing him inside out.

  • Ask him about the apparel styles that he has:

    Once he’s done talking about what he thinks of the underneath fashion, you can throw another question of what all styles does he have. He might be someone who loves to stay conventional with his tighty whiteys and boxer brief underwear or someone who can go up to the extent of flaunting sheer the flawless way.

P.S.- he might surprise you that he does wear thongs occasionally and the conversation will end there.

Men's Discussion

  • Find out whether his desire:

    If the guy wears thongs, the discussion will end right there, but if doesn’t, you have a fair chance to look into his choices and his heart’s desire to try or not to try the style. While making the conversation go smooth, check out if he’d be interested in trying something more revealing and sexy or not. This, as a result, will help you focus on your plan of action of how to convince him.

  • Share your experience and tell him to try them once:

    If the guy is still engaging in the conversation, there are chances that he might be easy to convince. You can share your first experience with him and tell him how pampering the style makes you feel below the belt once it fits snugly.

My first experience with thongs wasn’t too well because nobody told me how to buy them in the first place. However, I didn’t stop there and bought pairs till I was satisfied with the feeling that I had. That shy guy is my roommate now and we shop our thongs together. In fact, we shop all the styles together. All you have to make sure that he knows how to buy his first pair and it’ll decipher whether he’s up for it or not.


Men! Get your Sports Attire Right.

All the sports or gym addicts, are you sure that you are wearing the right attire for the workouts? Does your attire stick to your body due to sweat? Do you suffer from chafing? Do you end up hurting your manhood due to insufficient protection? All the above are signs of a wrong underneath apparel. Donning the right attire is necessary for an uninterrupted workout. Have you ever thought of thongs as a sports outfit? If not, then you should try them at least once.

You can question me here, “How can thongs provide me the comfort and protection?” Well, the answer is, certain styles like the sports thongs for men are crafted for athletic purposes. The below blog specifies how this respective men’s underwear works for sports purposes.

Intymen Thong Underwear

  • Protection:

    An ideal sports thong provides you the much-needed protection by providing a padded pouch that prevents the manhood from getting hurt.

  • Comfort:

    They come in breathable fabrics which allow enough ventilation to keep it cool down there. The revealing design at the back helps to wick away the moisture instantly.

  • Avoids chafing :

    Chafing is usually caused due to rubbing of thighs. This is one of the major discomforts faced by men during workouts.  The comfortable cuts of the underneath garment avoid rubbing of thighs. Additionally, the breathable fabrics absorb the sweat down there to keep you cool and comfortable down there.

  • Enhanced Profile:

    As an added benefit, the thongs help in enhancing your personality by the upliftment that it provides to your manhood. It helps in enriching your appearance by giving an appealing look.

With such amazing perks, this undergarment has won the hearts of many men around. Keeping up with the pace of their popularity, many brands like Intymen provides an opportunity to procure your piece in varied color options, patterns, and cuts.

There’s no point wearing Thong if you’re not Wearing it Right

You might have accepted the fact that the men’s underwear industry has undergone a revolution and has changed incorporating various newer sexy underwear styles. One of the styles that has gone from weird to amazing is the assortment of mens thong underwear. Do you agree with me?

You might the ones who’ve accepted it and have bought it in order to experience how they make you feel, but is there anything missing? Well, that happens when you do something but you miss out doing it the right way. Thongs are something that needs to be done right or else, there’s no point doing it in the first place.

Intymen Thong UnderwearSo, what are factors which need to be set straight so that you feel stunning with those? These are.

  • Comfortable is sexy:

    Men Feeling ComfortableIf you aren’t feeling comfortable and have to constantly adjust with the style, you aren’t doing it right. In order to feel sexy with the skimpy, sexy underwear, you need to get comfortable with it. Buying the right size would help you get comfortable! That’s where sexy comes in and adjustment walks out.

  • Fit is next in queue:

    You must have heard that if the size isn’t right, you’re doing it the wrong way. Well, that’s absolutely correct! A good fit is when you don’t have to constantly pull out the back fabric and stay at peace with the same. A size bigger than what you are wearing right (in context of the state), would be helpful. It’ll be more comfortable and after all, comfortable is sexy.

    Men in Fit Clothes

  • Flexibility is your goal:

    Though every thong or g-string underwear provides ample elasticity to the legs to move around (no fabric in the sides), the ratio of spandex should be moderate to let you fit into the style well. Choose for larger amount of spandex (probably 18-22%), if you really want to get the style right.

Men In Yellow Underwear

Designs, pouch options, and enhancing features are secondary options that should look after the ones mentioned above are set right. These options set right, you’re going to do justice with your masculinity.

Thong: Expectation vs Reality

There’s nothing like how men’s thong underwear makes your feel down there. The anticipation, expectations and the constant fear of feeling that the respective men’s underwear style won’t look good on you surfaces together.

Cover Male Thong UnderwearSo, if you’re wearing thongs for the first time, you need to go through our interpretation of expectation and the reality that you have to face in the first encounter. Read on to find out more.

  • Expectation 1 :

    Dog Feeling Comfortable Totally comfortable

    You might have felt really good when you first slipped into sheer underwear but the thong isn’t anything like sheer. You would expect it to make you feel absolutely stunning as soon as you slip into it.

  • Reality 1 :

    Men Adjusting for Sleep

    They comfortable..but not at first

    They ride up, keep on riding up the butt crack every time you bend or stretch. You would have to constantly adjust and take the string out every time it goes up. That can be avoided if you buy a bigger size.

  • Expectation 2 :

    Satin, lace, and leather will comfort

    You might have seen your partner sporting thongs made with luxurious fabrics like satin, lace, leather and other microfiber blends. They are intended to pamper your assets for the better and you’ll be on top of the world.

  • Reality 2 :

    You might end up feeling suffocated below the belt if you choose the first fabrics that don’t breathe well. Cotton is the sole material that loves you back when you place it in between your assets and trousers. Leather, satin, lace are fabrics that must be saved for the later time.

  • Expectation 3 :

    Men in Tight Pant

    Your butts will bounce when you walk

    I relate to this aspect a lot because I always thought that when there’s no fabric holding onto your butts, won’t butts bounce more freely. Well, you’d expect that your booty will shake with the pep in your walk.

  • Reality 3 :

    Men In Tight Pant

    Tight pants don’t let them bounce

    Made for tight pants or shorts, your butts are well held by the fabric and stay where they are. Well, a little bounce is what you get from the no-fabric design.

What are your expectations from your thongs? Have you tried them yet? Do let us know in the comments below.

Different Thong Styles for the Sexy Man

Thongs are one of the most revealing and appealing styles of men’s underwear. A conventional pair of men’s thong underwear features a small pouch that covers the manhood leaving the sides and the back to the show. However, with the passage of time, thongs were updated, which provided minimum coverage at front as well as at the back. They provide the much-needed support and the sex appeal. So, when we talk about thongs, what do we know about the different styles of men’s thongs. Listed below are some of the basic styles of thongs that you can try on.

Cover Male Slip Thong

  • Sports Thongs : It is generally presumed that thong can only be used for pleasure purpose which is not true. There are many styles which justify that thongs have other benefits as well like the sports thongs. “Yes! You heard it right.” Thongs are designed for the sports activities as well, which can be worn every day to the gym or for a quick jog. The pouch is designed for a snug fit and provides support to the package.
  • Enhancing Thongs : Enhancing Thongs lifts your manhood for better visibility of the package. These pouches are designed specifically to enhance and lift the male anatomy. The shape enhancing underwear can effortlessly give you sexier look, and spice up your evening.
  • Sheer and Mesh Thongs : Sheer Thongs surely add to the temptation and sex appeal by providing a see-through sexiness in the front and minimal coverage in back. This piece of article offers enhancing contraption to the front profile. Mesh thongs also do the same but are less revealing when compared to the sheer undies. You can also wear them for the gym or workouts as they  help to draw off your sweat and keeps you cool.

“Okay, style is fine, but what about comfort ?” Well, thongs are remarkably comfortable from the perspective of carrying lesser fabric. Therefore, it avoids chaffing or rubbing of inner thighs. This trending piece of underneath article is available in stylish patterns, cuts and vibrant colors at many online stores like You can pick the one that suits you and flaunt your stylish appearance.