The Journal of Thongs

Who thought that the loincloth would be even an inspiration to one of the most stylish underwear for men? With just a narrow piece of fabric incorporated with a string-like waistband, the style has won the hearts of many men out there. Apart from the fashion, the underneath article also carried various perks like no underwear lines, enhanced sex appeal, heavenly breathability and so on.

So, does anyone have an idea about how the style was brought into the men’s underwear industry with the above practical advantages? This blog is all about the various iconic dates which introduced the sexy underwear to all of us. Read on to find out.

Ancient times

Thongs are contemplated to be the successor of loincloth as discussed in the introduction. History says that men were seen wearing the loincloth as a fundamental piece of clothing which covers their genitals but, not the buttocks. This clearly indicates that the oldest form of inner wear was practically adopted by the men first.

Ancient Time Thong

Before 1939

Later, the modified version of the article was embraced in different cultures, including the Ancient Egypt and Africa as well as Greek, Roman, and Japanese cultures. A good example can be the sumo wrestlers who still use the same for a fight on the stage.

Before 1939

At 1939

Thongs made its first appearance in 1939 when dancers started adopting the style. Mayor Fiorello La Guardia passed a rule that all the nude stripper dancers should cover their genitals with something that is revealing but, not extreme.

At 1939

Later in 1974

By 1974, Rudolf “Rudi” Gernreich, the Austrian-born American fashion designer officially introduced the respective attire to the market of fashion.


By 1990

The respective apparel style became a massive hit with the fashion show Baywatch. Many female actors were seen sporting the sensuous pairs that came out as a trend in the emerging years.

Till date

Though, it took time for the people to accept the skimpy structure but, now it is ruling the underwear industry with the innovative designs, cuts and the shades of the same.

Men's Thong Underwear

Above was a short flashback of how the men’s thongs made its entry into the current fashion world. Grab the pieces from the online stores of at affordable rates to stay in the trend.


Explore the Kinky Side of your Personality

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Daniel Alexander Vibrant Colorful Slip Thong Print

The Daniel Alexander Vibrant Colorful Slip Thong Print is a trendiest style of men’s underwear because of the comfort and support it provides. Besides being extremely erotic, the underneath feature fashion forward prints. The snug fit size of the pouch keeps the entire package in one place, thus, delivering the best and sexiest appearance. The fabric in the front stretches a bit more to provide some extra coverage. While the skin show at back can take your sensuality to the next level. The underwear is made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

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Explore your Feminine side with the Skimpy Styles of Thongs

Thongs for men are for all the adventurous personalities who just can’t settle with anything that is simple and ordinary. While some of the men would not wear thongs on daily basis, there are some who would seek pleasure even in their underneath clothing.

Covermale Camo Thong

The Cover Male Brazilian Skimpy Thong Camo is crafted specially for those men. The unique style can be considered as simple, yet stylish. The tiny fabric of the underwear provides complete coverage in the front, but leaves little to the imagination at the back.

The camo style gives a contrasting combination of masculinity to the feminine cut of thong. This underneath article has no underwear line, so, you can slip them in your tight jeans and trousers. The pouch of the thongs can perfectly fits your manhood and a piece of clothing sits in between your cheeks. The fast drying fabric of the underwear is made up of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex.

You will have try the thongs of Cover Male in order to figure out what’s so special about them. Check the out the entire assortment of men’s underwear at the online brand store of Covermale and order your style at pocket-friendly prices.

Dare To Slip Into Cover Male Daring Slip Thong

Cover Male Daring Slip Thong Royal Blue

Cover Male is one men’s underwear brand that doesn’t think twice before providing men something innovative every time the new arrivals are introduced. Just like the product shown in the image above is one trend setter for the modern male population. The Cover Male Daring Slip Thong features a combination of eroticism and support for the male anatomy.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find that the solid cum sheer underwear is designed to reveal just the necessary of the manhood and leaves the rest to the imagination. The construction is very well thought and made to tantalize the taste buds of your partner while the rear is a conventional thong underwear style. With a lustrous strip of fabric in the front of the pouch and see through panels on the sides, why would you want something else?

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, you’re sure to get what you’re looking for in your men’s underwear. The pouch is held by a visible waistband that keeps everything together. Available in other colors, you can check them all out at

Sensationalize Your Partner with Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong

Good Devil recently launched it new arrivals at that is erotic in its fullest, sensational and very sexy. One of the products that I will talks about in this blog is Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong. This male thong underwear has set the new benchmark in the exposure and sexiness category.

About the product Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, the sexy underwear is all about comfort, visibility and breathe-ability. The structure of the style is in the shape of a cylinder that carries your manhood in the best way possible and revealing it partially.

Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong BlackWhat we like? The first thing that I really liked about the product is the basic structure of the thong. A cylindrical shape, thin waistband and thinner back strap that pass the buttocks are some features that are visible from the outside. The feeling on the inside is way sexier than you can imagine. Hence, if you want to feel the same, you have to try it.  Secondly, the colors available in the style are limited to the Good Devil classics i.e., red, black and royal blue. I love the fact that the brand knows where the attention has to bring by keeping everything else basic. Hence, here Good Devil seeks your attention at the pouch that is partially visible and the rest is hidden under the small patch of solid fabric.

Thirdly, the sizes available in the respective product go all the way from small, medium, large and extra large. It makes it perfect for all the manhood sizes you guys have.

It is a perfect pair that you can wear for your romantic date that is long due because it will surely bring a teasing smile on your face while a pleasant surprise on hers. I didn’t feel anything odd about the thong though, you can surely leave us a comment in the section below if you found some difficulty with the respective pair. Check it out at