What makes thongs the ideal choice for work?

Have you ever thought of wearing your men’s thong underwear to work? You might say that you had thought about it but haven’t implemented the same or something like – are you kidding me, why would I even think of wearing such a skimpy pair of men’s underwear for official purposes?

It is okay!! You’re not alone when you think something like this because there are many men out there who consider this only for the pleasure purposes or don’t consider them at all.

Intymen Sport Thong

However, the style is more of the good than you think and is apt for your workplace (not all of them) and will make you feel comfortable as well as supported through the day.

Laid down are the reasons that make thongs ideal for work.

  • The support:

    Choose the brand right and you will never turn back to the conventional styles like boxer brief underwear or the tighty whiteys ever. The support is an indispensable part of thongs when it comes to choosing something that is meant for work.

  • The pouch:

    Who doesn’t like pouches that sit straight on the manhood without being so fidgety? We all do!! And, thongs are everything about having a comfortable pouch that sits where it is supposed to sit and make you adjust-no-more after you’ve indulged in walking or going up/coming down the stairs. It stays in its place and supports the assets.

  • The seamless design:

    Well, not every thong has a seamless design but the basic idea of having a thong in the first place is that no underwear lines are there. Whether in the front or in the back, nothing seems to protrude from your form fitting pants. That’s exactly what g-string underwear also does for you.

  • The airy cuts:

    What else can you ask for when your butts are left in the open and the front has just the enough that covers you to the best? The airy cuts in the sides with a bare back, everything seems to look and feel comfortable below the belt. It is more like a personal air conditioner for your goods that keep you cool.

  • The huggy-fit: 

    While revealing a lot about your personality, thongs do fit you extremely well. The fabric hugs the assets to the best of the ability providing the being-loved feeling for as long as you stay in them.

What’s your idea of wearing thongs to work? Do let us know in the comments below.

Men’s thong: 5 suggestions before you hit it

The underwear for men is not just restricted to the few options these days. There are lot choices available for the fashion conscious male population. Out of these, men’s thong underwear are considered to be one of the tiniest apparel available in the male clothing category. With the desire to stay in line with the current trend and to spruce up their every day life, many men are switching from the regular styles to the contemporary ones. Are you looking to hit thongs for the first time? Here are some the tips and suggestions that you need to consider before doing so.

Daniel Alexander Slip Thong

  • Be very particular about the size:

    Size is the key for buying the right underwear for men. Specially, when it comes to shopping for the skimpy styles, it is important to select the size carefully. The barely-there underwear can give a wedgie if they are way too small that your actual requirement. So, check the waist size along with the size of your manhood. It is recommended to choose a number larger size than you usually wear. The tight undies may lead to squashing and chafing ultimately. Not only this, if the manhood is not allowed to breathe freely, then, it may even lead to overheating of testicles and infertility ultimately.

  • Consider the fabric:

    The fabric should be selected carefully as well. When you are new to a sexy underneath style, then, there are greater chances of feeling the discomfort. There are many options available in this regards right from cotton, nylon and polyamide to the see-through mesh and lace. The sheer underwear are airy, but the revealing undies may be uncomfortable for you initially. So, choose the fabric carefully. This goes true not just for the thongs, but for other styles like bikini underwear and men’s g-strings as well.

Intymen Sport Thong

  • Be mindful of the occasion:

    If you are wearing thongs for the first time, then, it is better not to wear it every occasion and event. They are not very cozy initially and hence it’s use should be restricted to the few occasions only. Other than this, the skimpy apparel slip in the cracks of the rear, so, it may feel uneasy if worn for long period of time straight away. Other than this, avoid wearing this for sports activities and other such events. Keep them in reserve for the special evenings and the date nights. Once you get used to it, you can wear it at any occasions.

  • Get used to it:

    As mentioned above, the underneath article is very cozy, but initially. Hence, you need to get used to the sexy apparel. Feeling something so close to your body will give you a sensual feel down there. It can pump up your masculinity if you are a bit patient. Change into your boxers after sometimes if you are not comfortable. However, don’t give up on it. Wear it for some minutes and then change when it starts taking a toll on your comfort. Gradually, you’ll get used to it and then you can spice up your intimacy by showing off your kinky side.

Good Devil Lace Thong

  • Be selective for the style:

    The tiny apparel is the best way to breeze into the summer. However, you still need to choose the style that you are comfortable with. The slip thongs are skimpier than usual while the lace thongs are a bit feminine. There are even some of the thongs that come with open pouch and balls-out feature. Check if you are comfortable wearing them and only then order the piece.

Were these points helpful? Share your points in the comments below.

Thong: Expectation vs Reality

There’s nothing like how men’s thong underwear makes your feel down there. The anticipation, expectations and the constant fear of feeling that the respective men’s underwear style won’t look good on you surfaces together.

Cover Male Thong UnderwearSo, if you’re wearing thongs for the first time, you need to go through our interpretation of expectation and the reality that you have to face in the first encounter. Read on to find out more.

  • Expectation 1 :

    Dog Feeling Comfortable Totally comfortable

    You might have felt really good when you first slipped into sheer underwear but the thong isn’t anything like sheer. You would expect it to make you feel absolutely stunning as soon as you slip into it.

  • Reality 1 :

    Men Adjusting for Sleep

    They comfortable..but not at first

    They ride up, keep on riding up the butt crack every time you bend or stretch. You would have to constantly adjust and take the string out every time it goes up. That can be avoided if you buy a bigger size.

  • Expectation 2 :

    Satin, lace, and leather will comfort

    You might have seen your partner sporting thongs made with luxurious fabrics like satin, lace, leather and other microfiber blends. They are intended to pamper your assets for the better and you’ll be on top of the world.

  • Reality 2 :

    You might end up feeling suffocated below the belt if you choose the first fabrics that don’t breathe well. Cotton is the sole material that loves you back when you place it in between your assets and trousers. Leather, satin, lace are fabrics that must be saved for the later time.

  • Expectation 3 :

    Men in Tight Pant

    Your butts will bounce when you walk

    I relate to this aspect a lot because I always thought that when there’s no fabric holding onto your butts, won’t butts bounce more freely. Well, you’d expect that your booty will shake with the pep in your walk.

  • Reality 3 :

    Men In Tight Pant

    Tight pants don’t let them bounce

    Made for tight pants or shorts, your butts are well held by the fabric and stay where they are. Well, a little bounce is what you get from the no-fabric design.

What are your expectations from your thongs? Have you tried them yet? Do let us know in the comments below.

Adopt Mesh with Intymen Thong

There has been a lot of news about mesh underwear being the new thing in the men’s underwear industry. The probability of the popularity is because of the see-through features plus the enhanced breathability in the privates. Well, if the mesh is folded into men’s thong underwear, nothing can be better. When we talk about mesh, there is a possibility that Intymen is considered because of its sporty appeal and functional approach towards fashion underwear styles.

The Intymen Sport Thong is one product that I always look up to when there’s a need of pleasing visibility and supportive features. The respective style features a clean construction with mesh fabric all over the apparel style. Intymen generally believes in keeping the style conventional, hence, this piece offers no show in the front with a thick waistband in the back and rear fabric that covers the butt crack.

In this men’s thong underwear you’d also find a thick piping all the pair’s edges to give a chic look plus add to the support of the same. Coming down to the pouch, you’d find that it contours the manhood to keep it front and forward for an enhanced appeal. With a shiny logo on the front, the brand assurance is kept intact.

Check out the available colors in the Intymen Mesh Sport thong at erogenos.com.

Reasons For Wearing The Men’s Thongs Of Gregg Homes

Thongs are one of the most skimpy men’s underwear styles. Many think that they are only for women. However, Gregg Homes, one of a well-known underwear brand has changed the perception completely. The thongs of the brand are unique and their designs are sexy. While the regular thong users can’t stop praising the style, there are people who still hesitate in wearing the same.

They were a stigma in the society, to some extend, but now they have become acceptable. The blog talk about the features of thongs that brought about these changes in the minds of the people.

Gregg Homme Pump Up Thong White

Here are some of the reasons that will encourage you try the men’s thong of Gregg Homes at least once.

1. Exciting and fun

You can have the best ever steamy experience in these underwear. Wearing this exotic style of underneath clothing can give you a very sensual feeling. The sexier you feel, the sexier you look. The skimpy styles are really exciting and fun to wear. Not only this, when you look good, you get the courage to face the world with lot more confidence.

2. Comfort and support

The opaque microfiber fabric of the thongs of the brand includes polyamide and spandex. The breathable fabric feels very soft against the skin. The pouch of the underwear holds the package perfectly, thus, enhancing the visibility of the front. However, there is minimum coverage at rare. It provides the best ever ventilation to your manhood.

3. Eye candy design

The cut of men’s thongs is very similar to that of the women wear, but the design patterns and sophisticated color combinations add a touch of masculinity. It will surely amaze your partner, keeping things exciting on the date night.

The thongs of the Gregg Homes are specially designed to pamper the manhood of the wearer in style. Visit the online store of skiviez.com that has a collection of men’s underwear of all the well-known designers. Explore the inventory to get your perfect thong.

Add A Spark To Your Look With The Red Thongs Of Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Red

The red underwear is complimenting the handsome look and the well chiseled body of the model in the image. These men’s thongs are the sexiest of all that I have seen till date.

The Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong is one of the best choice for the intimate date plans. Thongs are ideal underwear for keeping you cool during the hot summer afternoons. The sexy underwear provides minimum coverage at the rare, thus, providing the best ever ventilation. It allows your skin to breathe. The cozy underwear style is useful for work outs as well.

Daniel Alexander is famous for it’s pouch that features in the underwear. They perfectly hold the package and enhances it’s visibility. The fabric of these thongs is made of the combination of nylon and spandex. The material is mixed in the ratio of 85% and 15%, respectively. What really grabs the attention in the assortment of this brand is the rare and vibrant colors like cian, purple and many more.

You can find the entire collection of underwear of Daniel Alexander in all dynamic and eye-catchy colors at skiviez.com. Shop from the exciting assortment of the site and make get your perfect pair.

Dare To Slip Into Cover Male Daring Slip Thong

Cover Male Daring Slip Thong Royal Blue

Cover Male is one men’s underwear brand that doesn’t think twice before providing men something innovative every time the new arrivals are introduced. Just like the product shown in the image above is one trend setter for the modern male population. The Cover Male Daring Slip Thong features a combination of eroticism and support for the male anatomy.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find that the solid cum sheer underwear is designed to reveal just the necessary of the manhood and leaves the rest to the imagination. The construction is very well thought and made to tantalize the taste buds of your partner while the rear is a conventional thong underwear style. With a lustrous strip of fabric in the front of the pouch and see through panels on the sides, why would you want something else?

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, you’re sure to get what you’re looking for in your men’s underwear. The pouch is held by a visible waistband that keeps everything together. Available in other colors, you can check them all out at covermale.com.