Hail support!! Try Good Devil Thong

Have you been looking for support in your men’s underwear? Do you, for the slightest moment think that men’s thong underwear would be an apt style to give you what you’re looking for? Most of you would just say “no”. However, Good Devil Underwear is one name that you can trust when it comes to giving you quirky surprises. You might find support in them (not every product) and comfort with the complimentary sexiness too.

Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong Black/Mustard.jpg
Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong Black/Mustard.jpg

The Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong is one of the sexy underwear that supports you front and back to the best. With bikini underwear coverage in the front, it is the sides that start getting sleeker with a back that has cheeky-like cut. The masculine design with a pouch that enhances your masculinity while keeping everything in one place. The dual-color combination make your assets look stunning down there.

With a fabric ratio of 89.55% Nylon and 10.45% Spandex, you know what you’re getting into for your comfort and stretch. Find out the manly color combinations at skiviez.com.


Level up your personality with Edipous Slip Thong

Edipous Underwear has been in the industry for about two years now and has been consistently making men feel like Greek Gods. The collection of men’s underwear available at Wyzman is what you need to check out if you really want to feel the best of yourself in the most basic. Men’s thong underwear being the most loved and popular category by the label, your manhood deserves every bit of it.

Edipous Slip Thong

The Edipous Slip Thong features a sleek and supportive design with a broad coverage in the back. With a solid design, it is the contrast-colored piping on the pouch as well as the stitch on the pouch sides stands out. The bare butts give a smooth fit while the front is held up properly. The support on the pouch gives you visibility with the pouch enhancing underwear technique.

If you opt for the right size, you will get the best of fashion, style, and function from the pair. Check out the colors available at wyzman.com.

Let eroticism fill the air with Daddy Thong

Daddy Underwear does not kill your expectations when it comes providing options for you men’s erotic underwear. The collection is full on what you’d want when it’s time to be passionate and hot. The range of men’s thong underwear available at Erogenos is worth your time and money.

Daddy Thong White/Turquoise.jpg

Daddy Thong White/Turquoise.jpg

The Daddy Thong from the new arrivals category is certainly the hottest talk of the town these days. With an unconventionally erotic design, it is the fabric composition of 89% nylon and 11% spandex that brings out the best in you. With a pouch that holds its position yet flaunts what you have from the top opening, the strings connecting the pouch and waistband get all the credit. It is the thick waistband that holds its place and keeps you looking supported.

Bare butt with the butt crack covered with the fabric, you should spice up your life with the pair. Choose your color and size at erogenos.com.

Reach the new level of sexiness with Good Devil Thongs

Are you the good devil or want to be one? There are so many ways with you actually can be the one, but why take the longer route when you can slip into Good Devil Underwear and be the devil you want to be? The exotic men’s underwear brand has always been the kind who takes things the sexy way. Whether it is getting in touch with your own self or having an intimate style that does that for you.

Good Devil Thong

The Good Devil Thong was recently added to the inventory and is all about carrying the manhood without having a lot of fabric. With just a pouch that holds the shaft and balls, men’s thong underwear is held in place with the help of strings. With a sheer underwear design, the manhood has no barriers in showing off what you have whereas; the rest is clearly visible down there. You’d find a set of two strings forming the waistband with a crisscross design formed by the strings on top of the pouch. With minimal coverage, you get to have minimal support as well.

92% nylon and 8% spandex is all you have for your comfort and support no matter where you plan to wear them. Check out the new arrivals at be-brief.com.

When life gives you lemons, wear them as Joe Snyder thongs

You might be someone who needs reasons to be an underwear fanatic or someone who would be carefree of what others think about you. Joe Snyder Underwear is one brand that is meant for both the kinds. The men’s underwear brand has been there in the industry for quite a long…time and has been delivering products that are still considered sexy underwear. If you find men in thongs sexy, the credit goes to brands like Joe Snyder for allowing and empowering men to go minimal.

Joe Snyder Launch Thong Lemon.jpg

Joe Snyder Launch Thong Lemon.jpg

The Joe Snyder Launch Thong lemon is probably one of the most bling pieces that I have recently come across. The color itself is what lets you stop and let the whole thing sink in. Coming to the touch of the designer underwear, you’d find comfort in 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. This is the signature composition that you’ll find in the majority of the pairs. The launch part of the name is not given to the style without the purpose, it is actually there. The pouch is made to be set apart from the legs and stay out. With a fly option, you can use it the way you want to when you need it.

The conventional thong underwear design is what will tease you for the best. The sleekness on the sides and a revealing back is all you have. There are other color options that you’d want to settle down with at skiviez.com. Check them out.

How to style your thongs for men?

Did you ever think that something like thongs for men would be made available in the fashion industry? Moreover, the same applies to g-string underwear as well. The skimpy men’s underwear style is what has brought a revolution in the top drawer as well as in the lives of the men’s intimate wear.

Intymen Sport Thong

Most men are scared to wear thongs. There are some or the other reason to it but what is generally found is – either men find the back fabric too skimpy and irritating or they have lesser idea to style their personality along the respective style.

Where we’ve talked a lot about the former aspect, the latter is still in the pending stage. Hence, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this blog.

  • The Formal way:

    Now when you have already realized that the sexy pouch underwear is also available for regular wear as well, you can pick the one that you would want to style them with. Make sure of the following:

    • Pick the right size:

      this doesn’t seem to change when it comes to any apparel style whether it is conventional bikini underwear or the minimal coverage one.

    • Look for the support:

      you can pick mesh underwear, but do not compromise with the support with your manhood.

    • Form fitted trousers:

      these are the ideal outfits when it comes to getting the look that you need for thongs. It is the design of the style that allows your butts look round and the front enhanced.

  • The Casual way:

    The casual way is how you want to wear the style. Keeping in mind the first aspect of the formal way, there are certain things that you can look up to.

    • Go free:

      when the idea is to casually be there, support is not what you need (exceptions excluded). You can choose from the flimsy fabrics to those which provide minimal support.

    • No boundation on outfits:

      wear what you want to wear with the style. From the shorts in summer to chinos for casual wear, you can pick anything that you like. The style would just add the sexiness in the same.

Do you have any other way to style your thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.



Keep your sanity in place with Thongs

Good Devil Underwear and men’s thongs have been long associated because of the perfect combination. Moreover, the men’s underwear style by the brand is an ideal way to compliment yourself when you are feeling low. The collection is all about making the best of yourself and pampering yourself with the luxurious fabric as well as the cuts that enhance the sexiness of the alluring appeal.

Good Devil Slip Thong White
Good Devil Slip Thong White

The Good Devil Slip Thong is again one of a kind that intends to keep your manhood elongated in a way that it holds everything in one place with the shaped up effect. The low rise fit of the pouch underwear is sleek with cuts so slim on the sides and a fully covered front. The back is more like a conventional thong. The solid color of the pair with the conventional 93% polyamide and 7% spandex are some other features that will let you settle down.

So, if you really want to shape up your manhood, you really need to pick this pair that offers comfort as well. Check out the color options at gooddevil.com.