How to style your thongs for men?

Did you ever think that something like thongs for men would be made available in the fashion industry? Moreover, the same applies to g-string underwear as well. The skimpy men’s underwear style is what has brought a revolution in the top drawer as well as in the lives of the men’s intimate wear.

Intymen Sport Thong

Most men are scared to wear thongs. There are some or the other reason to it but what is generally found is – either men find the back fabric too skimpy and irritating or they have lesser idea to style their personality along the respective style.

Where we’ve talked a lot about the former aspect, the latter is still in the pending stage. Hence, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this blog.

  • The Formal way:

    Now when you have already realized that the sexy pouch underwear is also available for regular wear as well, you can pick the one that you would want to style them with. Make sure of the following:

    • Pick the right size:

      this doesn’t seem to change when it comes to any apparel style whether it is conventional bikini underwear or the minimal coverage one.

    • Look for the support:

      you can pick mesh underwear, but do not compromise with the support with your manhood.

    • Form fitted trousers:

      these are the ideal outfits when it comes to getting the look that you need for thongs. It is the design of the style that allows your butts look round and the front enhanced.

  • The Casual way:

    The casual way is how you want to wear the style. Keeping in mind the first aspect of the formal way, there are certain things that you can look up to.

    • Go free:

      when the idea is to casually be there, support is not what you need (exceptions excluded). You can choose from the flimsy fabrics to those which provide minimal support.

    • No boundation on outfits:

      wear what you want to wear with the style. From the shorts in summer to chinos for casual wear, you can pick anything that you like. The style would just add the sexiness in the same.

Do you have any other way to style your thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.




Be chic be fashionable with Secret Male Thong

If you didn’t see the manhood protruding, what would have been your take on the thong in the image? I would have thought that it was a women’s thong and for sure. But, the good news is that men’s panties have made their way to the industry providing the same comfort and luxury with the hold that the male anatomy needs. Secret Male Underwear is what has brought this revolution in the industry in full form.

Secret Male Thong

The Secret Male Thong (as you can see) is probably the very cute and sexy underwear that men can have. With the print so fancy and the lace waistband keeping the hold comfortable, the pouch of thongs for men protrudes and supports the manhood for the better. The floral print on the black background looks outstanding with the waistband dipping in the front, you get to have a handsome feeling of luxury down there.

With 78% polyester and 22% spandex, you don’t need a lot of stretch because of the high cuts, but keeping the feminine saga continued, the flexibility is highly needed. What else do you need?

Find them at

Are you feeling hot? – Good Devil Thong is much more

What comes to your mind when you about Good Devil Underwear? Well, I believe it is men’s hot underwear collection that carries pieces which are just out of the world and too erotic to handle. Just like thong underwear for men by the brand, even the most conventional ones are super hot.

Good Devil Thong Red.jpg
Good Devil Thong Red.jpg

The image you see in the beginning is from the new arrivals by Good Devil and is what makes you feel that you can feel supportive even after you’re in the most minimal fabric below the belt. The low rise fit Good Devil Thong and the amalgamation of 85.29% nylon and 14.71% spandex are features that provide you comfort and stretch for the regular days and even on nights when you plan to take things forward.

Coming down to the design, you’d find a pouch underwear that covers the front to the best with the tiniest opening for air to pass through on top of the pouch (nothing is revealed). The pouch is covered with a thick piping that keeps a check on the wear & tear. In addition, it also serves to be the edge where the strings are attached to form the back string. Next in queue is thick waistband that pulls off by holding its place on the body.

Find more at

Journey of thong: My story

Initially, I was not the kind of person who challenge conventions and stand out in public. Being an introvert, I preferred staying in my own comfort zone. It won’t be wrong to state that I used hate any sort of changes in my life. I was choosy about everything. However, I was very open to trying the modern and contemporary clothing styles. There is not a single fashion trend that I have not tried. Despite being a fashion freak, I was reluctant in exploring the possibilities of underneath fashion. Like any other mama’s boys, I was stuck to the tighty-whitey that my mom bought. It took me 18-19 years to visit the underwear store for the first time.

The changing trends in the underneath fashion was one thing that took some time for me to explore. As I grew up, I switched my style from the tighty-whitey to boxers. I always thought that this is the only option for men and never felt a need of changing it.

Men's Thong Underwear

It was a couple of year back that I saw one of my friends wearing men’s thong underwear. I wondered how can a man wear this feminine style of underneath article. For me it was just an ridiculous way to brag about your assets. However, I was wrong. I talked to him and he explained me the reason for wearing such a skimpy style of men’s underwear. He is such an underwear fanatic and explorer that he knows almost everything about the underneath fashion. For me comfort was all about fabric. However, after talking to him I understood that comfort starts with the pouch. Moreover, masculinity is affected by the cut of the underneath apparel, but by the way the front profile is projected.

The pouch of the traditional underwear kept the manhood in between the legs. The temperature of the anatomy coupled with the heat of the body led to sweating. This ultimately paved path for chafing and rashes. The modern styles like men’s bikini, thong and g-string underwear, keeps the anatomy away from the abrasion of the thighs, thus, reducing sweating. Moreover, the skimpy cut was not practical for raising the sex appeal, but also added to the ventilation.

My next question was obvious, isn’t this too feminine for men to wear? I was wrong yet again. Thongs are considered to be the probable predecessor of the loincloth. So, it was initially designed for men. Later, it was adopted as an underneath apparel for the ladies. What goes around, comes around around. The thong has once again paved it’s way onto the closet of every style-conscious men.

I reluctantly ordered my piece after some day and figured out the difference instantly. The pair of underwear fits in snugly without sticking or squashing. I even have a pouch enhancing thong underwear in my collection. The anatomical pouch provides gentle and natural enhancement to my front profile. I don’t restrict myself you any norm anymore. I have tired almost all the underwear style right from the brief underwear to the outrageous men’s g-string.

Final say

For all the men like me around, I just have only one suggestion. It is good to have a personal favorite. However, it should not stop you from exploring things. Don’t judge the things by the myths and taboos that prevail in the society. Come to a conclusion only after trying them.

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4 Exotic Thong types for Men

Thongs have always men’s favorite pair of women and many of them didn’t even know that the respective styles were typically a men’s underwear style for ages. Though they had no clue of what options they had until a few decades but now the times have changed and men have a wider variety to take a look at and choose the one that matches your personality.

Did you know that there are other types of men’s exotic thong underwear? Well, if you don’t, you must take a look at the options below and stay aware about the same.

  • Conventional thong

Brazilian bikini underwear

Starting from the very own and conventional is the thong underwear. With a pouch that covers and supports (optional), the waistband is thick and elastic with a back coverage that varies from minimal to thicker versions like Brazilian bikini underwear.

  • G-string

men’s g-string underwear

Next in line is the skimpier version of the conventional style that definitely is a lot more sexier. The collection of men’s g-string underwear itself is clear indication of enhanced sex appeal and sensual purpose. Mostly made with lacy or sheer fabric, the main motive of the style is to please the partner.

  • Tanga


An identical twin of Brazilian bikini, tangas are the sexy underwear that covers the front with the help of cylindrical-shaped pouch and a broad fabric in the back that covers the butt crack as well as parts of the butts. The cuts on the sides are high in order to reveal a lot of skin.

  • C-string

Good Devil C-

Probably the most revolutionary of them all is c-string underwear for men. A hard-edged apparel style crafted in the shape of C with a broad front and a wire to tuck in the back. The surprising element in the style is that they do not have a waistband and it tucks in without any efforts. The string is generally made of metal-like hard fabric that doesn’t lose its place.

Which one of them have you tried and how was the feeling? Do let us know in the comments below.

4 Reasons Why Every Man should Start Wearing Thongs

Thongs are skimpy, revealing and highly erotic men’s underwear style. The cut of the male thong is similar in appearance to that of a bikini or a g-string. They feature a pouch at the front that covers your manhood and leaves the rear exposed which makes it perfect for you to flaunt your assets. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should own a pair of thong.

Men's Thong Underwear

  • Good Sex Appeal

Thongs are designed to showcase your goods by enhancing the bulge which gives you a good charisma. The exposure of the thongs on your back can make you look incredibly sexy.

  • Eye candy for your loved one

With its revealing design and eye-popping styles, you can keep things exciting and raise the temperature of the intimate occasions. You can flaunt your masculinity with these appealing undies to end your date night in an erotic way.

  • Keeps your male anatomy ventilated

The thongs are designed in such a way that they give you enough ventilation to help you to feel cool and airy even during the hottest day of summer.

  • Keeps you comfortable

Thongs are tiny in structure and has an exposed rear so, it is counted as one of the most comfortable men’s apparel style. It also depends on the fabric used in making this sexy apparel. They are made of light and breathable material that keeps you airy and comfortable which can help you in avoiding chafing during workouts or gym. With its cozy design, they provide you a great support for your manhood.

With all these benefits, it’s clear that thongs not only hint at sexuality, but also covers up the comfort factor of the package. They are available on many online shopping stores like that supplement different brands.

The Most Loved Thongs at Be-Brief

The men’s underwear industry has come up with many innovative styles and concepts in the last decade. Same was witnessed at the men’s underwear store Be-Brief. This blog is about the most popular brands of men’s thongs that couldn’t have been more refreshing.

Agacio Basics Thong:

Agacio Basic Thong features all your basic needs including support, coverage and sex appeal with just one pair.

Agacio Basics Thong

These comfortable undies are designed with a pouch at the front that provides the perfect elevation of your manhood. They come in supporting fabrics which helps you to feel the comfort down there. The fusion of Spandex or modal is added to increase the flexibility of the underwear.

Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong:

Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong

The Otzi Height Fun Slip Thong is constructed with an emphasized pouch at the front enhances the bulge and raises your charisma. This underwear provides a bigger room for breathability, which keeps you airy and dry down there. It provides an excellent stretch and resilience with an amazing combination of the fabric and elastane.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong:

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

Cover Male is one of the best sellers in the male underwear category. The market hit the cloud when the pouch enhancing underwear was introduced. This underwear features a slim cut design with a special pouch that provides a visible lift. You also have the option of having different fabrics in the front like sheer or mesh that can add to the excitement.

It not only focuses on the glamour factor but also gives you the promised comfort which is the result of the concoction of polyamide and spandex.

Good Devil Thong:


The Good Devil Thong is one of the best pieces which is recommended for the sexy guys out there. This thong features minimal fabric all over though it covers your manhood but in an appealing way. This sexy pouch elevates your genitals for no adjustments throughout the day. Talking about comfort, it comes wit lycra/spandex combination to feel airy down there.

Candyman Thong:


Candyman thongs are perfect for guys who seek more action in foreplay. The low fit thongs feature a sexy V cut opening on the contoured pouch. This super sexy thong is the perfect outfit for the romantic date nights. The fabrics of this thong is a combination of nylon and spandex to keep your thumbs up even on the comfort level.

Above are some of the sexiest thongs that are available on Be-Brief. Grab them before they go out of stock.