The Doozy Thong by Intymen

The thong underwear for men normally encompasses of a precise fabric that cover your assets in the front. The Intymen Thongs are a perfect comrade for the full day formal meeting, sports addicts and special occasions like a romantic evenings. Below is a picture of a fascinating thong from Intymen and some of its features.

Intymen Mesh Thong

The Intymen Mesh Thong resembles a pouch which is attached to a strap that passes through your butt crack to connect to the waistband. This classy yet sporty sexy underwear enhances your features in a delicate way by covering your front and leaving the rear exposed. These undies are perfect for your morning jog as the glamorous cuts help to prevent chafing and rubbing of your thighs. The mesh underwear fabric helps in instantly fanning away your sweat. These apparels not only concentrate on your sports needs but also helps you in giving the desired charisma. The mesh fabrics allows partial visibility that can boost your sex appeal.

Special occasions like a secret rendezvous always calls for something more sensuous as well as sexy. These mesh undies help in lifting your manhood for better visibility of the package as the pouches are specifically designed to intensify and lift the package. Try one of these impressive thongs from Intymen which are available on and experience a zest in your charm.


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